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How to Draw A Cartoon World using cool effects

How to Draw A Cartoon World

Learn how to draw a fun cartoon world using a few basic effects and simple shapes. Illustrating earth is not a difficult task. Simple create a large circular shapes, draw a few continents (not all of them!), a few clouds and you are finished.

In this lesson, I will show you how to create a version of the world that is not necessarily 100% realistic, but it's close enough to be 100% satisfying. Are you ready to draw the whole world?

Step 1

Nice! Let's start by drawing the earth using simple elements and lines. Choose which part of the world you want to illustrate and create these countries. In this case, you can see North and South America. 

How to Draw A Cartoon World

Step 2

Next, it's time to add colors. The background can be filled in black while oceans are colored with a dark blue color. For now, land is depicted with a bright green color.

How to Draw A Cartoon World

Step 3

Select the gradient tool and add a second color to the planet using a circular fill. You can also group all continents into one shape and add a similar effect to make sure North America is brighter since it's directly exposed to the sun (which cannot be seen).

How to Draw A Cartoon World

Step 4

Continue working on this illustration by adding a large circle below North America. This circular shape must be white. Then, blur the outline and keep the opacity at 30% or 40%. You can see the final result in the next step. The pink outline is only used to help you see which shape must be added.

How to Draw A Cartoon World

Step 5

On all countries, you can draw various shapes filled with different green colors to add a little bit of texture. You don't need to create too much details if you don't feel like it. Something simple is sufficient.

How to Draw A Cartoon World

Step 6

Behind earth, create a large circular shape filled with a light blue color. Then, blur the outline and reduce the opacity to 30%. You can see how it looks in the next step.

How to Draw A Cartoon World

Step 7

It's now time for the final addition: clouds. Sketch large white shapes all over the place using irregular lines. A circular pattern can be close to reality. Blur the outline of each shape and set the opacity to 70%.

How to Draw A Cartoon World

This is the final version of our cartoon world! 

That's it! The result is a cool and simple cartoon world made from basic elements and simple effects. Don't hesitate to use these techniques to create more different planets and have fun! :)

How to Draw A Cartoon World

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