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how to draw a cute cartoon woodpecker in action

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

Learning to draw a cartoon woodpecker can be a fun task. Hopefully, this simple lesson should prove it! Indeed, I will show you how to create this adorable bird using a few basic effects to help you end up with an appealing result. Although this cute creature is usually depicted as a funny bird who likes to create holes in wood, some people don't agree. This little animal can cause huge damage to structures and homes. Fortunately, this bird is also useful to remove insect pests on trees.

How to draw a woodpecker in just a few steps

First, you can draw the beak using a few short curved lines. Make sure the end is pointed and sharp. Next, you can work on the head using more curved lines. The neck is short and narrow while the wing is long and very narrow near the end.

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

Next, you can draw the eye and pupil using perfect circles. The tail consists of two rectangles made from curved lines. In this version, only one leg is visible. You can draw this one using short lines and small triangles. Now that our clipart woodpecker is completed, let's add some details inside (and around) the character ...

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

On top of the head, you can sketch a crest using two long curved lines. Since the bird is depicted in action, let's draw a trunk using more irregular lines. Don't forget to draw a small hole in the tree near the beak.

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

The trunk of the tree can be filled with several thin lines created with pointed ends. Textures are also added on the wing using multiple curved lines. We are now done for the drawing aspect of this tutorial. It's time to create some cool digital effects.

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

working with colors and gradients

In this step, let's add some gradients to quickly enhance this character. The create and the patch near the beak can be filled with a bright red color. The tree is brown and the hole is slightly brighter. The rest of the cartoon woodpecker is filled with various gray colors. The body is lighter while the beak, the pupil and the leg are darker. Notice the simple pattern applied on the wing.

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

creating beautiful shadows

Gradients added in the previous step did a good job of creating some volume inside the drawing, but we can do better. In this step, let's draw shadows filled with darker colors on the bird and the tree. These new elements can be partially transparent to create a more realistic result.

You can draw new shadows on the left side of the crest, around the eye and near the neck. More dark shapes are drawn near the junction of the body and wing, on the trunk and on top of the tail. All new additions are displayed below (using a temporary blue outline).

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

sketching simple highlights

Now that shadows were added to the illustration, it can be a good idea to create brighter shapes to represent highlights and reflections. These new elements will create more contrast and more volume inside the cartoon woodpecker. 

Once again, make sure that all new shapes are partially transparent as shown below. These highlights can be drawn on the beak, the crest and inside the pupil. Two more shapes are sketched inside the head and the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

nice work drawing a cute cartoon woodpecker

Below, you can see the final version of this clipart woodpecker once all effects are added. Now that this lesson is completed, you can draw new versions using different patterns and colors. Not all woodpeckers are alike and working on various species can be a good idea. This lesson can be used as a starting point for your work.

How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker
How To Draw A Cartoon Woodpecker

Do you want to learn how to draw more animals? More birds? Great! Don't miss the opportunity to work with more cute animals from the same series here ... have fun drawing and don't forget that you can also work with cool tutorials below. :)

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