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How to Draw A beautiful Cartoon Woman

How To Draw A Beautiful Cartoon Woman

Drawing a cartoon woman might be more challenging than drawing a man. Girls are usually made with curved lines and it's not always obvious to sketch all the lines accordingly. It can be a real challenge to create nice legs, arms, chest and even the head so that your woman doesn't look too much like a man or something between both genders.

In this tutorial, I will show you (using only ten easy steps) how to draw a nice female character with nice feminine curves. Don't hesitate to create long legs and a thin body to give more personality to your character. The nice thing with cartoon characters is that you don't have to follow any rules.

You can create a cartoon woman with long legs, thin face and nice breast or just use a few shapes to make a short and basic character. Both versions can be quite feminine and it really depends on what you want to represent through this unique character.

Step 1 and 2

How To Draw A Cartoon Woman
How To Draw A Cartoon Woman

In the first two steps, let's work on the head and the body of your cartoon character. First, sketch a circle to create the head. Once you are done, add a rectangle for the neck and another shape (a rectangle, but with a narrow top) to form the shoulders. 

In the second step, create the body and the hair of your cartoon woman. As you can see for the body, make sure that the waist is narrower than the shoulders and the hips. For the hair, don't hesitate to be creative and just choose a style that you enjoy.

Step 3 and 4

How To Draw A Cartoon Woman
How To Draw A Cartoon Woman

In the third step, you can illustrate the arms and the legs using a few basic shapes like rectangles and squares. In this illustration, I have decided to create a woman with one arm on the hips. As you can see for the legs, only three rectangles are enough to illustrate this part accurately.

Now that the character is all done, it's time to refine all basic shapes. First, create the outline of the head and the hair. Notice how the top part of the hair was created. The chin should be thin and narrow (do the same for the jaw).

Step 5 and 6

How To Draw A Cartoon Woman
How To Draw A Cartoon Woman

The fifth step requires that you refine the outline of the body and the arms. The character is wearing a small dress and the neck and shoulders should be quite visible. You can also work on the hands and don't hesitate to draw only four fingers for each hand. It's usually easier and it works great for cartoon characters.

Nice. Now in the sixth step, draw some nice legs and work on the outline of the shoes. Your cartoon woman should look amazing by now! Most of the work on the basic shapes should be done by now and it's time to add some details inside the character.

Step 7 and 8

How To Draw A Cartoon Woman
How To Draw A Cartoon Woman

The next two steps are quite fun to work on. Now that the general shape of your woman is done, add some details to make her even more enjoyable to watch! You can create the eyes, the breast and a small bag. Once this is done, create the pupils, the nose, the smile and the bra.

Step 9 and 10

How To Draw A Cartoon Woman
How To Draw A Cartoon Woman

Finally, it's now time to add colors. I have chosen a pink outfit for my cartoon woman, but you can be more creative and do something more elegant or colorful. In the right image, I have added a few gradient effects so that the drawing looks more polished. There you have it! Drawing a female character is not too difficult if you follow all these steps carefully. Enjoy!

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