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How to Draw A cute Cartoon Wizard holding a stick

How To Draw A Cute Cartoon Wizard Holding A Stick

Creating a fun cartoon wizard can be a rewarding experience. This fictional character known for being a magician is often represented by an old man with a long beard dressed in a purple suit. A wizard is usually tall and holding a long stick. This fascinating character can be found in many ancient stories.

Some wizards are good while others are tempted by the dark side. Of course, my little character here is anything but evil. Let's see how we can draw this fun character quickly and easily using all steps found below.

creating a template using basic shapes

It's always a good idea to sketch a few basic shapes to create a template for our subjects. This will help you work on the posture and the proportions without having to erase parts of the character. Once these shapes are done, we can use them to draw lines that are more precise and accurate.

First, draw a large rectangle to form the dress. This one can be larger near the bottom. On top of the suit, add a small square to represent the head of the wizard.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wizard

adding more shapes to the basic template

Next, create the hat of the subject using more irregular shapes. Most of these shapes are made from broken lines and straight ones. On both sides of the head, add small circles to form the ears. Finally, you can start working on the beard using two small triangles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wizard

working on the posture of the cartoon wizard

Below the head, you can complete the beard by sketching another irregular shape. This one needs to be large on top, but narrower near the bottom. Both arms are made from more large rectangles. It's now time to polish the posture and make sure proportions are accurate. The right hand is represented by another thin rectangle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wizard

polishing all parts using straight and curved lines

Now that the template is done, you can use this one to draw the silhouette of the wizard. You can now see the shape of the hat, the smoothness of the beard and the imperfection of the suit. Don't forget to draw hair behind the head as shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wizard

adding eyes and the magical stick

Both eyes are made from small oval shapes. These shapes are slightly inclined. The left hand of the wizard is only depicted by a small curved line. Fingers are added on the right hand. As for the magical stick, this one is larger near both ends and thinner in the middle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wizard

sketching a few more important details

Inside the hat, you can draw a few lines to create more depth. Above the eyes, large eyebrows are created using thick oval shapes. Small pupils made from dots are drawn inside the eyes. The nose is made from a simple curved line. As for the mouth, you can sketch a simple small line. The dress is also filled with simple stripes located near the bottom.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wizard

let's bring this cool wizard to life using colors

The suit and the hat of the cartoon wizard are filled with a bright pink color. The stick can be colored in brown. The beard, the eyebrows and the hair can be white. The stripes on the costume are filled with a darker pink color.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wizard

using gradients to create more depth and volume

You can also add depth to the illustration using gradients. If you compare the version below with the previous one, you can see that the bottom of the suit is much darker than the top. You can observe this simple fact on all parts of the characters.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wizard

Now that we are done illustrating this amazing cartoon wizard, feel free to try more fun characters below. Remember to practice as often as possible and just have fun creating! :)

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