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How to Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair from simple shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

Drawing a cartoon wheelchair can be a challenging experience if you are not familiar with this particular object. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a very basic version of an old style wheelchair. Even if this illustration is featuring a simple perspective, this lesson is still quite accessible.

Of course, a wheelchair is a vital objects for those who need it. It's a simple way to gain mobility when your legs are not functional. A good wheelchair must be light, easy to operate and solid. Let's see how we can create the version found on this page using only a few basic steps now ...

Working on the seat and the backseat first

Let's start this tutorial with the creation of the seat. First, draw a perfect rectangular shape to create the seat itself. Remember that the object is shown using a perspective, so it's important to include this feature in your drawing. You can see how I did that below.

Next, work on the backseat using another simple rectangle. Both shapes must be joined together to form the whole seat.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

adding the push handles and the armrests

Now that we are done drawing the seat, you can sketch two small armrests on both sides of the cartoon wheelchair. These armrests are mostly made from a mix of short curved lines and straight ones. Once this part of the object is done, you can draw both push handles using more curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

creating a little depth using more simple lines

Using only short straight lines, you can add some depth behind the backseat as shown in the picture below. You can also create more volume under the seat by drawing four more straight lines. It's important to work with depth in an accurate way when using perspective in an illustration like the one below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

sketching the bottom part of the object

Now that the upper section of the wheelchair is completed, it's time to create some perfect wheels on the bottom part of the object. You can start by drawing the frame using four thin rectangular shapes. These shapes are connected to the front of the seat.

Next, draw the wheels using long oval shapes. Each wheel is made using two oval shapes. However, notice how the shape located inside the wheel is not quite centered. Indeed, because of the perspective used for this drawing, the upper part of the wheel must feel thicker.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

drawing the caster wheels

One last thing we can do inside the main wheel is to add another thin oval shape to connect the wheel with the frame. Once this part of the object is created, you can work on the caster wheels using more simple oval shapes. Great work! This lesson is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

adding a few spokes inside both wheels

Of course, our back wheels cannot float into the air like they do right now. We need to sketch a few spokes to complete the drawing part of this tutorial. In this case, eight simple spokes are added on the left wheel. The right one is partially hidden, so only three spokes are visible. These spokes are made from short rectangles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

working with colors inside the cartoon wheelchair

We are done drawing this simple wheelchair! It can be a good idea to add colors to the illustration to make this one visually more appealing. For this object, you can use mostly black, gray and brown colors. For the seat, you can use a saturated brown color. The push handles, the armrests, the caster wheels and the frame are colored in gray. Black is used on the back wheels and inside the caster wheels.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

creating nice effects using gradients

If you are using a vector application (or want to polish your image using subtle effects), then you can add gradients to your cartoon wheelchair. As you can see below, the wheelchair is now visually more appealing and almost feels like a 3D object.

Great work! We are now done drawing this fun image using only a few basic shapes, lines and colors. Of course, you can always practice your drawing abilities by sketching more fun wheelchairs using various accessories, patterns or angles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair

If you need more help drawing this wheelchair, then you can use the illustration below as a reference. This one contains all steps required to illustrate this object grouped into a single image. Don't hesitate to share this picture if you want to!

How To Draw A Cartoon Wheelchair From Simple Shapes

I hope you had fun drawing this essential object. More vehicles can be found below if you want to try more illustrations from this site. All these lessons are filled with various challenges that can help you improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. Have fun sketching and remember to practice on a daily basis. :)

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