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how to draw a cute cartoon werewolf with lots of hair

How to draw a cartoon werewolf

Learn how to draw a cartoon werewolf using a simple step-by-step lesson featuring a video as well as a written version. No need to wait for Halloween to learn to draw a cute werewolf made from basic shapes. As long as you enjoy cool fictional characters like this one, this tutorial can be achieved throughout the year!

I will show you how to use basic shapes to create a simple template, how to draw the creature using short lines and how to apply colors quickly and easily. Ready? Let's begin this lesson now! :)

A simple video to draw this cute cartoon werewolf

Before proceeding to the written part of this fun tutorial, let's take a look at a short video that shows all steps that are required to draw this character in just minutes. Once you are finished with this video, simply scroll down to have access to the first part of this lesson.

how to draw a werewolf in four easy steps

Great! First, let's create a template so that all proportions are perfect and the character centered in your work space. The head is represented by a large circle. Both ears are made from small rectangles. The body is done using a larger rectangle while smaller shapes are used for the arms and legs. Finally, use small circles for the hands and feet.

How to draw a cartoon werewolf

It's time to draw the werewolf ... and create lots of hair! For this part of the tutorial, you will need tons and tons of small triangles and broken lines. Notice how the fingers are pointed and how small stitches were drawn on the short and the pants. Good work!

How to draw a cartoon werewolf

You can now erase all lines created previously (the gray ones) and keep all good strokes. This illustration is visually interesting, but we can make it even more appealing by adding plain colors all over it. No need to work with special effects like gradient colors or transparency. Just plain colors will do.

How to draw a cartoon werewolf

You can use a dark skin color for the face of the monster. A darker version of the same color can be applied inside the ears. A saturated brown color is used for the hair (which covers the face, the hands and the feet). The shirt and the pants are blue, but the first is bright while the latter is darker. For the eyes, a dark brown color is perfect. Don't forget to add a light gray color inside the teeth.

How to draw a cartoon werewolf

More werewolves for you to enjoy!

You can see all steps required to illustrate this fun character below. Are you looking for more werewolves to draw? If you prefer to work with something simpler, then this werewolf clipart made from rectangles is a good option. This second option is also interesting because it is featuring a version that seems more dangerous.

How to draw a cartoon werewolf

Finally, a funny version filled with digital effects is also available. Have fun drawing cool monsters and creatures and don't forget to practice often. :)

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