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How to Draw a Cartoon Web That Looks Great

How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great

Drawing a cartoon web made by a spider can easily be done using this fun lesson. Webs are organic creations that have specific patterns that are easy to duplicate. Of course since this is a cartoon version, some rules may differ from reality. Our goal is to draw a recognizable version.

Webs are also associated with creepy things like horror movies and Halloween. They are also often related to empty rooms, dirty places and weird buildings. As a bonus, you will also have the opportunity to create a lovely spider using an additional tutorial. Ready? Let's start creating this fun web now. :)

adding a few circles to begin with

First, let's draw a few circular shapes to create a simple guideline. For this lesson, I have created five perfect circles as shown below. As the circles are getting bigger, you can also leave a little bit more room between each shape. Once you are done sketching these basic circles, simply proceed with the next step.

How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great

drawing long pointed lines originating from the middle

In this next step, you can draw several straight lines that are all originating from the middle of the smaller circle. If possible, try to keep a similar distance between all new lines. Once again, remember that webs are organic creations so it's ok if distances are not always perfectly similar. In fact, we don't want that. A little bit of randomness is perfect.

How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great

it's time to create our web using several short curved lines

Creating these simple patterns is relatively easy. First, make sure all lines are slightly curved. All curves must be created towards the middle of the drawing. I also like to use lines that are sharper near both ends and thicker near the middle.

It's also important to note that the gray circles are only used as guidelines. It doesn't matter if the new curved lines are not perfectly aligned with the circles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great

drawing more curved lines to complete the main pattern

In this step, you can draw more lines around the remaining circles to complete the main pattern of the cartoon web. You can see that in some places (especially near the bottom of the web) that curved lines are irregular and are not always aligned with the circles. These irregularities are needed to create a web that looks organic.

How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great

adding random lines to create something creepier

Since a web is something that is not perfect, feel free to add a few random lines all over the place. This will increase the level of creepiness and make the whole thing even weirder. You can see all new additions below (with the pink outlines).

How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great

sketching a fun spider to complete this lesson

In the center of the web, you can draw a cute spider made from simple shapes and lines. Just make sure that a few legs are touching the web to make the illustration more realistic. This spider is part of another fun tutorial that is located here. You can also modify the color of the web. Gray lines are easier to read than black ones.

How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great

That's how we can draw a cartoon web!

Simply add some colors inside the spider and we are done. This is how we can draw a cartoon web using basic shapes (circles) and simple lines (curved ones). Of course, you can also draw more webs using various patterns that are simpler or more complex. The choice is all yours!

How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great
How To Draw A Cartoon Web That Looks Great

Now that we are done with this creepy tutorial, feel free to try more fun lessons from Halloween. You can easily mix this web with more fun images like a reaper, a pumpkin or a witch. Have fun creating and remember to practice on a daily basis. :)

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