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how to draw a cartoon walrus filled with smooth shadows

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a cartoon walrus made from simple shapes and effects in ten easy steps. Walrus are large mammals that usually live in cold water. They are easily recognizable with their long tusks and short whiskers. An adult can easily weight more than two tons. That's quite heavy! Let's see how we can draw an appealing version of this great animal using the step-by-step lesson found below.

Using basic shapes to create our clipart walrus!

First, it can be a good idea to create a template using basic shapes to illustrate our character. Our goal is to get the proportions right and center the animal into our work space. You can start by drawing a large circle to form the head. The nose area is made from a small oval shape. Both tusks are created using sharp triangles.

Next, you can draw the body using a large oval shape. Another circle is used to join the head and the body. Front flippers are represented by a triangle (on the left) and two rectangles (on the right). The back flippers are done using a circle and another thin rectangle. Good work! We can now use this template to trace the walrus.

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

It's now time to sketch the silhouette of the creature. For this step, all shapes created previously are now filled with a light gray color (to help you read this step more easily). Start by drawing the head, the cheeks and the tusks. Then, you can sketch the body and work on all flippers. Once you are done, you can erase the shapes created in the previous step. We don't need this template anymore.

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

Next, you can draw the eyes and pupils using perfect circles. I like to draw large pupils to give more personality to my characters. Above the cheeks, you can draw the nose using a simple inverted triangle. Finally, the mouth is created using a simple line that is added below the cheeks.

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

On both sides of the cheeks, you can draw a few dots as shown in the illustration below. Whiskers are also added using four short lines. Good work! This part of the lesson (drawing the cartoon walrus using simple lines) is now completed. Let's proceed with colors now!

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

You can start by adding plain colors to the clipart walrus. This one is filled with a dark brown color. Both cheeks can be filled with a brighter color. Flippers located on the far side of the character can be filled with a darker color. Both tusks are colored in gray.

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

Using gradients is a good idea if you want to give depth to your illustration quickly and easily. This technique is pretty simple. All you need to do is add a second color to all shapes. For instance, the body is filled with a darker brown color near the bottom, but remains slightly brighter on top. You can use the same recipe on all parts of the character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

adding more complex effects inside our cartoon walrus

I hope you are having fun with this lesson on how to draw a walrus. If you want to go one step further, you can proceed with the following steps and add more digital effects into your work. First, let's draw shadows inside the animal. All new shapes must be filled with a dark brown color. Also, it's important to make these new elements partially transparent.

In this step, you can draw shadows around the most visible eye and below the cheeks. More shadows can be drawn on the tusks as well as around both front flippers. You can see the new additions below (surrounded by a temporary blue outline).

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

Dark shapes are cool, but it can also be a good idea to draw brighter one to create reflections and highlights. Just like shadows, these new elements should be partially transparent. However, these shapes must be colored in white. You can draw new shadows inside the pupils, on the nose and near the cheeks of the cartoon walrus.

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

Let's complete this lesson by drawing more reflections inside the cartoon animal. You can draw new white shapes on top of the head, near the neck, on the back of the walrus and on the back flipper.

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

Nice work learning how to draw a walrus that looks appealing!

Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a cool cartoon walrus is now completed. You can see the final version of the character below. It's now time to experiment and draw this character again on your own. Feel free to play with shapes, sizes, colors or even textures. You can try to draw a more complex version or simply opt for a simpler one. It's all up to you!

How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus
How To Draw A Cartoon Walrus

Now that we are done working with our huge friend (two tons!!!!), let's try new characters from the same series here and see how it goes. Are you up for the challenge? ;)

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