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how to draw a cartoon wallaby with a cute expression

How to draw a cartoon wallaby

In this lesson, you will learn to draw a cartoon wallaby using a vector application and a few basic tips. Creating this cute wild animal from Australia does require some drawing skills since this character does have a particular body shape. From the strange back legs to the long pointed ears, creating the perfect anatomy can be slightly difficult at times. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step of this challenging cartoon animal.

let's see how this animal was created

You can start by taking a quick look at the video below. This one is featuring all the steps used to create the vector version of this illustration. Once you are done with this short video, you can proceed with the lesson on how to draw a wallaby under the video.

drawing the head and the body

Great! Let's begin this tutorial by sketching the silhouette of the animal. For this step, you will need to draw long curved lines with pointed ends. First, sketch the head and the ears. You can draw some hairs on the top of the head and near the cheeks.

Next, add the body and the front legs. The back legs are made from large shapes and are very wide. You can also draw a nice sharp tail using more long curved lines with pointed ends.

How to draw a cartoon wallaby

adding the face and a few basic details

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes, the pupils, the nose and the mouth. A large patch can also be drawn around the mouth. More patches are created inside the ears and on the chest. Complete this step by creating short lines near the tip of all paws.

How to draw a cartoon wallaby

let's add gradients to create some depth

Gradients are the simplest technique you can use to add colors and some depth to a vector image. In this case, most body parts are filled with brown colors. All patches can be slightly brighter. The eyes and the nose can be darker. Notice how the bottom of the character is also darker than the upper part.

How to draw a cartoon wallaby

drawing convincing shadows

Now that the cartoon wallaby is mostly drawn and colored, let's add some basic effects to create even more volume. For this step, simply draw darker shapes to create simple shadows. It's also a good idea to use transparency to make all new shapes subtle and visually not too distracting.

You can draw these new shapes inside the ears, around the eyes and below the nose. More shadows are drawn under the arm, on the left feet and near the tail. A simple shadow is also added near the bottom of the chest to create a subtle pouch.

How to draw a cartoon wallaby

highlights to bring this illustration to a new level

Yes, shadows are quite important. However, drawing simple highlights and reflections can also bring this simple image to a new level of realism. All these new elements can be colored in white. Just like shadows created previously, adding transparency is also highly recommended.

How to draw a cartoon wallaby

great work creating this cute cartoon wallaby!

Below you can see the final version of the cartoon wallaby once all effects are added. Feel free to experiment and draw more textures, patterns and gradients. It can also be a good idea to change the posture of the character or try a new style. Just be creative and have fun!

How to draw a cartoon wallaby
How to draw a cartoon wallaby

All steps required to learn how to draw a wallaby can be found in the image above. Although this animal is completely drawn, you can still try additional fun lessons from the same series here and enjoy more animals, characters and misc tutorials.

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