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How to Draw A cute Cartoon Waiter holding a plate

How To Draw A Cute Cartoon Waiter Holding A Plate

Learning to draw a cartoon waiter is more than just sketching a nice character wearing a clean suit. Being a waiter in a fancy restaurant requires skills and concentration that can be hard to master. Indeed, someone serving food needs to be polite, quick and precise (even when clients are complaining). 

In this drawing lesson, you will draw a simple character with a plate on the right hand and a towel pending from the same arm. The man has a simple haircut and a cute moustache. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now. :)

let's draw a simple template to begin with

Before drawing the character itself, it can be a good idea to create a basic template using rectangles, squares and circles. This will make it easier to place the subject in the work space properly and draw a fun posture and accurate proportions. You can begin with the creation of the body using a simple rectangle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

adding more shapes to the template

Next, you can draw both arms of the character using thin rectangles. Notice how the right arm is up in the air since the waiter is holding a plate. For the legs, you can use more rectangles that are slightly larger than the arms. For the feet, you can work on the shoes using flat rectangles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

polishing the character using curved lines

We can now draw the waiter using simple curved lines. Notice how the shoes are now smooth and flat near the bottom. Also, make sure that the shirt is slightly larger than the pants. A small space is also needed between both legs.

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

working on the head and the hand

On top of the shirt, sketch a large oval shape to illustrate the head of the cartoon waiter. The neck is made from a small circle. You can also draw the hand that is holding the plate using more simple curved lines. One additional finger can be seen on the left (but it's very subtle).

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

drawing the plate using more fun curved lines

On top of the right hand, you can draw a plate with a cover using perfect curved lines. A small handle is created over the cover. On both sides of the head, you can sketch small ears using tiny lines. When you are done, you can add the left hand while making sure that a few fingers can be seen.

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

let's draw a fun haircut

Inside the head, you can draw small eyes using perfect oval shapes. On top of the head, you can also sketch the haircut using perfect lines. A collar is created between the shirt and the neck of the character. Don't forget to draw a towel hanging from the right arm of the waiter.

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

this cartoon waiter needs a few more simple details

Sketch small pupils inside the eyes using tiny dots. The nose and the mouth are made from curved lines. A subtle mustache can also be added below the nose. This one is made from two small triangles. Complete this character by drawing a few lines on the suit.

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

bringing the character to life using colors

It's time to make this illustration even more enjoyable with the addition of colors. The plate can be filled with gray colors. The suit and the hair of the character can be black. The collar, the towel and the stripe on the suit must be white. For the shoes, a dark brown color is needed.

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

using gradients to create more depth and volume

So far, only plain colors were used inside the cartoon waiter. You can definitely create more depth using gradients as shown below. Notice how the bottom of the cover is now darker than the top. The same thing can be seen on most parts of the character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Waiter

Nice work! We are done sketching and drawing this fun character. I hope you will enjoy this exercise and don't hesitate to try other characters from the same series below. Don't forget to practice often and have fun!

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