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how to draw a cartoon unicorn with a cute posture

How to draw a cartoon unicorn

Learn how to draw a cartoon unicorn featuring this lovely character in a unique posture. Indeed, this cute fictional animal is a fun character to work with. Visually appealing, simple and colorful, you will learn how to draw a version in just a few easy steps using a short video and a basic step-by-step lesson. Even if drawing a horse-like creature is something challenging for you, this tutorial can be done by anyone ... it's a promise!

a short video to get started

You can start by learning a little bit more about this tutorial by taking a look at the short video located below. You will have the opportunity to witness the entire process in less than five minutes. Once you are familiar with this lesson, you can proceed with the written version below to learn more about this cute cartoon unicorn. :)

drawing this cartoon unicorn in four easy steps

Let's start this lesson now! First, we need to create a simple template using a few basic shapes and lines. The character is shown in a sitting position, so it's important to get the posture right. For this step, only a few triangles, rectangles and circles are needed. Nothing complicated! Once all proportions and body parts are accurate, you can proceed with the next step ...

How to draw a cartoon unicorn

It's now time to draw the cartoon creature using a mix of curved and straight lines. The eyes and the nose are made from small oval shapes. The mouth is created using a simple line and patches are added inside the ears. Don't forget to draw a large tail and some hair on top of the head. Good work! This character looks amazing.

How to draw a cartoon unicorn

We can now erase the template that was added earlier (the gray lines featuring all basic shapes). Once all lines are removed, you should end up with something like this. It's a basic and cute illustration, but we can make it better by adding plain colors. Unicorns can be colorful creatures, so it's time to be creative!

How to draw a cartoon unicorn

Several options are possible (in fact, there are no limits!). For this tutorial, basic colors like blue, pink, yellow and red were used. The character is filled with a very subtle pink color. The nose, the patches, the area around the mouth and the hooves are darker. Hair is blue and the tail is red. The horn is colored in yellow.

How to draw a cartoon unicorn

Practicing using more tutorials featuring this fun creature

Below you can see all four steps required to successfully draw this fictional animal. Feel like drawing more cool cartoon unicorns? You can start by working with a simple character made mostly from oval shapes and small rectangles. You can also go for something slightly more challenging since the character is shown from a side view and filled with gradient colors.

How to draw a cartoon unicorn

Have fun drawing more unicorns and don't forget to practice as often as possible! :)

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