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How to Draw A Cartoon UFO filled with great shadows

Cartoon UFO

Learn how to illustrate this cartoon UFO made from simple elements and cool vector effects! Drawing an alien spaceship is relatively easy since these machines are (until we can prove it without any doubts) only imaginary ones. Of course, many people are seeing UFO's each year, but none of these encounters are 100% proven in the moment.

Above is the actual version of the illustration that we will draw in this tutorial. It's a simple spaceship and don't hesitate to add more details if you want to end up with something more complex, more interesting. Have fun!

Step 1

First, draw the lines used to illustrate this UFO. The cockpit is made from the top portion of a circular shape. The spaceship itself is represented by a large oval shape. A few lines are added inside this shape and another oval shape is sketched on the bottom of the vehicle. 

Cartoon UFO

Step 2

Next, you can add plain colors on the spaceship using mostly grey tones and a light blue color. The bottom of the UFO is darker and the outlines are filled with a dark grey color. 

Cartoon UFO

Step 3

Using the gradient fill tool available in most vector application, you can add a second color to all shapes of the illustration. For example, you can add a darker blue color on the cockpit to create some volume. Repeat the same technique on all shapes. 

Cartoon UFO

Step 4

Cool! To create even more depth and volume, you can also draw more shapes to create darker areas. Since the light source is located on the right of the illustration, these elements must be added on the left of the spaceship. Don't hesitate to use transparency to partially hide these new shapes. If you don't use transparency, these shapes will be too dark and visually distracting. 

Cartoon UFO

Step 5

Nice work! This is the result once all darker shapes are added. You can stop this lesson here if you want to. The drawing looks amazing. However, there is one more thing that can be done to enhance this cartoon UFO even more ...

Cartoon UFO

Step 6

We can also add brighter shapes to give even more depth to the spaceship. On the cockpit, you can draw a large oval shape filled with a white color. Another small circle can also be drawn. You can use transparency to partially hide the bottom part of these shapes. Repeat the same steps to create a large white shape on the body of the spaceship.

Cartoon UFO

The final version of this cartoon UFO!

Nice work! This is the final version when all effects are applied. I hope you had fun with this lesson.

Cartoon UFO

You can also try to draw some cartoon aliens if you want to go a little bit further. Enjoy! :)

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