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How to Draw A Cartoon Turtle using basic Squares

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle Using Basic Squares

You can learn to draw a cartoon turtle made from long curved lines and circles on various sites. However, sketching a different version made from rectangles can be harder to find. This lesson will help you achieve the latter in just a few simple steps. Squares and rectangles are very easy to sketch, that's why this lesson can easily be done by beginners and young artists.

In just six simple steps, I will show you how to illustrate a cute turtle using a side view quickly and easily. Once you are comfortable sketching this creature, working with various animals using basic shapes will become a much easier task. Ready? Let's start drawing now!

Sketching a large square to form the shell

First, let's start this tutorial by drawing a large shell using a solid square. Don't forget to leave some space around the shape so that we can add more body parts later in this lesson.

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

adding the head using another perfect square

Next, you can add the head using another small square. This new addition is located on the left side of the shell. It's also important to note that both shapes are perfectly aligned on the bottom. Great! This simple lesson is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

drawing the legs and the tail

Under the shell, you can add four legs using four more small squares. Notice how the squares located on the far side of the character are slightly higher. Indeed, this can help create a subtle perspective. On the right side of the cartoon turtle, you can draw a short pointed tail.

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

sketching small patterns on the shell

Nice work! So far, we have created the silhouette of the subject using mostly squares and triangles. It's now time to add more details inside the animal so that we can end up with a recognizable version of the character.

Inside the shell, you can draw a few squares to create a basic pattern. You can either opt for a symmetrical pattern (closer to reality) or just add a few shapes to make sure the turtle can easily be identified. In this case, I have selected the second option.

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

adding more details inside the cartoon turtle

It's time to sketch a basic facial expression inside the head. For the eye, you can use a basic black dot. The mouth is made from a long broken line. Inside the feet, sketch small curved lines to illustrate the claws of the cartoon turtle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

working with simple colors and gradients

Of course, a turtle is usually filled with a wide variety of green colors. The head, the tail and the legs are colored with a bright green color. The shell can be slightly darker. A darker color is also used to form the patches of the shell. For the claws, you can use a bright yellow color. I have used gradient fills to create more depth and volume inside the drawing.

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

Nice work! We are done sketching and drawing this beautiful (and original) version of a turtle. If you need more time to illustrate this animal, then you can take a look at the image below. All steps are grouped into a single image.

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

Now that we are done with this adorable character, let's try more fun turtles from this site below. One of these characters is also sketched using squares while the others are created using a more traditional technique. Enjoy these additional resources and remember to practice often. :)

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