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How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey that looks lovely

How To Draw A Cartoon Turkey That Looks Lovely

This simple tutorial will help you learn to draw a cartoon turkey. These large domestic birds are very popular on Thanksgiving day! Of course, they would probably be more happy if it wasn't the case! 

So, instead of setting up the table to prepare yourself for a nice and delicious meal, why not take your pencil and a good piece of paper to practice yourself at drawing this nice and funny-looking animal! You can start with the video version below. The written lesson is available after the video. :)

Step 1

How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey

First, draw a small circle to create the head of your turkey. Once you are done, draw a rectangle to form the neck and another circle (but much bigger this time) to illustrate the body of your character. Don't hesitate to draw the body before the neck if you feel more comfortable that way!

Step 2

How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey

Now let's add some details in the face of our character. Sketch the eyes by using two small circles. They can overlap a little to make the character look more funny and cartoonish. Then, add a rectangle to create the beak.

Once you are finished, add another large rectangle to illustrate the snood of the turkey (you know, that red thing hanging below the beak!).

Step 3

How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey

Next, add a circle to form the tail of your character. You can make it as big as the body itself. For the feet, just add two small rectangles for now.

Step 4

How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey

Let's work on those basic shapes to refine our drawing a little. First, draw the outline of the body, but this time include the neck and the head in your shape.

Step 5

How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey

Then, work on the face and sketch the pupils of your turkey. Once you are done, make the beak more realistic and sharp. For the snood, just draw a nice smooth shape below the beak like shown on the image above.

Step 6

How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey

The tail is made of several feathers. Illustrate those feathers by drawing some thin lines inside the tail. Also, notice that each end of the tail is now straight and pointed.

Step 7

How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey

Finally, draw a wing on the turkey's body using a simple (and single) line. The foot should be drawn using three long toes. The legs of the turkey can be a little bit longer than shown above, but since it's a cartoon, we can cheat a little!

Step 8

How to Draw A Cartoon Turkey

Once you are finished sketching, you can add some nice colors on the body of your character so that it will look nicer and cleaner. This cartoon turkey tutorial does have some nice challenge to overcome, but overall, you should have any trouble drawing something that will look like a turkey if you followed this tutorial carefully. I hope you had fun and keep practicing using more lessons below!

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