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How to Draw A Cartoon Tube filled with amazing effects

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

Drawing a cool cartoon tube is not as easy as it looks. Indeed, drawing the basic shape needed to create this object is simple, but adding digital effects to end up with something slightly realistic is definitely more challenging. 

In this drawing lesson, I will show you how to add simple effects to create a fun illustration using a vector application. You can still use pencils and a piece of paper to sketch this tube, but it may be longer to create the object while doing so.

Step 1

First, draw the tube using only basic outlines. These lines must be filled with a light grey color, but you can modify this one later in the tutorial if the effect is not conclusive. You can also draw the object horizontally if you are struggling with the angle available below.

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

Step 2

Next, add a bright red color to the large stripe that is visible in the middle of the cartoon object. You can also add a light grey color just below the cap. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

Step 3

Using the gradient fill tool, you can add a second color to most shapes of the illustration. For example, the red stripe is filled with a bright red color on top and a darker one on the bottom. Repeat this step for all elements of the tube. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

Step 4

Next, add a third color to the cap and the body of the tube as seen below. You can either add a third color using the gradient fill tool or follow this simple step if your tool doesn't support a third option.

Duplicate the shape with both colors and change the angle of the gradient fill so that this one is visible on the other side of the tube. Then, use transparency to hide the bottom portion and make the original effect visible. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

Step 5

Continue working on this cartoon image by adding straight lines filled with a light grey color. On the red stripe, add the word toothpaste. You can use a white color for the text. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

Step 6

Cool! We are almost done! In this step, you can draw large rectangular shapes on the cap, below the cap and the body of the tube. You can use transparency to partially hide these new elements.

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

Step 7

On the tube, draw a large rectangle filled with a white color. Blur the outline and play with the opacity of the shape until this one is almost invisible. Below the cap, add another small rectangle filled in white. Repeat the same technique on this shape too.

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

This is how you can draw a cool cartoon tube!

Nice work! The result is a fun cartoon tube with a realistic look. Of course, you can add more patterns and colors on the tube or even write something different than "toothpaste" on it.

How to Draw A Cartoon Tube

I hope you had fun working on this object and don't forget to practice as often as needed.

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