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How to Draw cute Cartoon Toys filled with bright colors

How to Draw Cartoon Toys

Learn how to draw a few cartoon toys including a train, a ball and a teddy bear. In this drawing tutorial, I will help you sketch three toys and show you how to fill these objects with simple effects to create a fun illustration using a vector application.

The goal is to create simple cartoon illustrations filled with simple effects, but complex enough to end up with something more interesting and visually appealing. Are you ready to draw? Let's proceed with the first step now! :)

Step 1

First, let's draw all three objects using simple lines. As you can see below, these outlines are already filled with colors. It doesn't matter if you wait later in this lesson to add these colors.

The ball is made from a large circle while the teddy bear is mostly created from oval shapes. The train is an interesting mix of straight and curved lines. When you are done, proceed to step number two.

How to Draw Cartoon Toys

Step 2

It's time to add plain colors! The ball is filled with a bright green color, a dark red one and a blue color. The train is red and the window is colored in blue. All wheels are black, but the center is filled in white. The teddy bear is filled with various tones of brown. The nose and the eyes are colored in black. 

How to Draw Cartoon Toys

Step 3

In this very important step, you can use the gradient fill tool from your vector application to add a second color to all shapes from these objects. For example, a dark red color can be added on the bottom of the train while the top remains bright.

Repeat this technique for all elements. For the ball, you can use a circular fill on all three colors to give more depth and volume to the object. Nice work! These images are already more appealing. :)

How to Draw Cartoon Toys

Step 4

In this step, you can draw new shapes on the objects to create some shadows. For example, a large and darker shape can be drawn on the bottom of the ball to illustrate an area not affected by the light source. You can use transparency to partially hide this shape a little bit more.

Look at the image below to see where these shapes must be drawn (all shapes with a light blue outline). Of course, this blue outline is only there to help you see which shape must be added. 

How to Draw Cartoon Toys

Step 5

This time, you can repeat the same technique seen in step number four, but instead of adding darker shapes, let's draw bright ones. All new shapes below are filled with a white color and the opacity is modify to make this effect even more subtle. You can compare the illustration from the final step to the one from step number four to see the differences. 

How to Draw Cartoon Toys

These are the cartoon toys once the lesson is over! :)

Nice job! This drawing lesson is now over! I hope you had fun drawing cool cartoon toys like the ones available below. Feel free to create more toys using the same techniques found in this drawing lesson. Have fun and keep playing with your vector software. It's the best way to get better at drawing! :)

How to Draw Cartoon Toys

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