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How to Draw A Cartoon Tornado using amazing effects

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado Using Amazing Effects

Drawing a cartoon tornado can be a fun experience. Indeed, instead of sketching a boring tornado using only a bunch of basic lines, it can be fun to turn this simple subject into a cute character. It can also be a good idea to add some cool effects to the illustration to come up with something visually more interesting.

Unlike animals or characters found on this site, this is an unusual subject to illustrate. Fortunately, it's also a basic thing to sketch and draw. As long as you can simulate the motion properly and add a few curved lines, then creating this image will be a fun and easy task. Ready? Let's proceed with this lesson now. :)

Drawing the silhouette using basic lines

First, you can work on the silhouette of the tornado as shown below. The top part consists of a simple line joined by two other vertical lines. Notice the waves on the bottom of the subject. Nice work! Now that we are done illustrating the silhouette of the tornado, let's add some details inside the main shape. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado

sketching facial features

Next, we can work on the facial features by adding two large eyes and a funny mouth. Both eyes are made from simple oval shapes. Inside the eyes, pupils are represented with small dots. A large rectangle is used to illustrate the mouth. Teeth are made from short lines. This cartoon tornado looks more appealing now.

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado

working with plain colors

We can now add plain colors to the character. In this step, only the body is filled with a bright blue color. The eyes and the mouth can remain white. All lines that were used to create the silhouette in the first step can be erased.

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado

adding gradients to create more volume

Plain colors are nice, but if we want to create a more appealing character, then working with gradient fills is definitely a good option. It's the easiest way to bring this image to a new level quickly and easily.

As you can see below, the left side of the character is much brighter than the right side. The bottom part of the cartoon tornado is also brighter when compared to the top. Great work! However, we are not done yet! ;)

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado

creating textures using simple lines

Inside the tornado, we can add a few lines to create movements. More lines will be added in the next step, so you don't need to create tons of lines for now. Only a few will be more than enough. You can also add some gradients inside the teeth. Indeed, the bottom teeth are now darker than the top ones.

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado

sketching brighter lines to create more contrast

Now that dark lines were created, it's time to sketch brighter ones. As you can see below, adding both versions (dark and bright) help creating more contrast inside the cartoon character. This one is visually more appealing and this simple texture adds a level of realism not found in the plain version.

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado

adding lines to represent motion around the cartoon tornado

Near the bottom of the tornado, you can sketch a few simple lines to create motion. Three sets of lines (featuring two lines each) can be seen on the tornado. Once again, this simple addition is perfect to depict movement and make the illustration more dynamic.

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado

creating dust to complete this lesson

On the bottom of the illustration, you can also add some dust using a few curved lines and gradient fills. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a tornado that looks cute and appealing is now finished.

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado

If you need more assistance to help you create this fun character, you can use the illustration below. This one is featuring all eight steps required to draw this tornado quickly and effectively.

How To Draw A Cartoon Tornado Using Amazing Effects

Remember that practicing is the key to become better at drawing. This is especially true when you must create a complex drawing involving shadows and light effects like this one. Even if you don't create a nice drawing on your first try, just keep drawing and eventually you will achieve your goal pretty easily. More fun lessons related to nature can be found below. Enjoy! :)

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