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how to draw cute cartoon ties with fun patterns

How to draw cartoon ties

Drawing beautiful cartoon ties might not be a very difficult task for most of us, but creating amazing ties that are filled with gorgeous digital effects can be slightly more challenging. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create this simple object using only two basic shapes and several simple tips to help you create depth and volume inside this cool illustration.

step 1 - a very basic illustration to create

First, we need to draw the tie using two large shapes and add two stripes inside the object. The top of the tie is made from a squares that is drawn with round corners. The bottom of the object is long and narrower near the end. The tie is filled with a light blue color while both stripes are colored in yellow. Notice that no outlines or strokes are visible.

How to draw cartoon ties

step 2 - color gradients to create a first layer of depth

To create cartoon ties that are realistic, we first need to add color gradients inside all shapes. As you can see below, all shapes colored in blue are darker in the bottom and brighter on top. Both stripes are yellow on top and orange near the bottom. See how the object already seems more realistic?

How to draw cartoon ties

step 3 - adding highlights and reflections

We can now draw new simple shapes inside the cartoon tie to add more digital effects. Before working with dark shadows and basic textures, let's sketch several large white shapes that will be used to create highlights and reflections all over the subject.

All these new shapes are visible below (the ones with a temporary green outline). All shapes are colored in white and are partially transparent near the bottom. When you are done, you can proceed with the next step: adding strong shadows.

How to draw cartoon ties

step 4 - drawing shadows to create even more depth

Now that we have worked with bright shapes, let's draw darker ones! Adding shadows on the bottom of both major shapes is another simple technique to create more depth and volume inside this image. Once again, you can play with the opacity of all new shapes and make these ones almost invisible near the top. You can't see the result here, but it is visible on the final illustration below.

How to draw cartoon ties

step 5 - textures to add even more realism

Since we are working on a piece of clothing, adding texture can also be a good idea. Drawing realistic cartoon ties is definitely easier with the addition of simple textures on the object. In this case, you can draw a few horizontal and vertical lines on the tie. These lines can also be partially transparent since we want to end up with a subtle result.

Since lines on the tie and on the stripes must be filled with a different color, don't forget to create two different textures for these elements (green and pink lines shown below. Remember that these are only temporary colors).

How to draw cartoon ties

a beautiful tie with simple digital effects

Below you can see the final result once all effects are added. All green and pink lines are now removed (they were used just to guide you through this lesson) and all shadows, reflections and textures are now partially transparent. 

How to draw cartoon ties

Working With Cartoon Ties Can Be Fun!

It's now time to unleash your creativity! Don't hesitate to play with various shapes, colors, textures and patterns.

How to draw cartoon ties

You can also play with various themes like Christmas, birthdays, holidays or any other special occasions you can think of. Just be creative and have fun! :)

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