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How to Draw Cartoon Teeth that are visually appealing

Drawing cartoon teeth: some fun facts before starting sketching!

  • Children will lose all their twenty baby's teeth.
  • A human will have two sets of teeth in his lifetime while a shark will have forthy of them!
  • A child usually lose his first tooth around six years old.

Step 1

How To Draw Cartoon Teeth

Learn how to draw teeth that will make your dentist jealous! A mouth is composed of 32 teeth. You have the central incisor (2), lateral incisor (between 1 and 2), the canine (1) and three types of molar.

You don't need to draw the wisdom tooth, unless your character's mouth is really wide open! When drawing teeth, you might also have to draw the gum (4).

Step 2

How To Draw Cartoon Teeth

Most tooth are made using a basic circle. However, this circle is not perfect. In front of the mouth, the part of the tooth that touches the gum is usually round.

The other end is flat, and sometimes it can be sharp (like the canine, for example). The molars on the back are big and round. This is normal since the teeth in front are made to cut the food while the molars are used to crushed it.

Step 3

How To Draw Cartoon Teeth

For this example, we will draw a simple mouth with sixteen teeth. First, draw four circles to represent the teeth in front of the mouth, near the upper lip. Do the same for the bottom. 

Next draw the other circles so that you will have six teeth on top and ten on the bottom. Then, draw a better outline for each tooth. You can add some lines to make the gum more visible.

Step 4

How To Draw Cartoon Teeth

You can draw any kind of teeth that you wish. From a simple design (5) to a more elaborate one (2) to a single tooth (3) it's really your choice! Just remember to study carefully the outline of a tooth if you want to draw something more realistic. Have fun!

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