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How to Draw A Cartoon Teacher with a nice smile

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher With A Nice Smile

A cartoon teacher is a fun character to illustrate. In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to create a teacher with tiny glasses, a simple shirt and a nice smile.

These brave men and women are working all year long to make sure that children are getting a proper education. Being a teacher is not an easy task. You have to be patient, listen to the needs of the students and make sure that everyone is comfortable and in a perfect mood. To be a good teacher, you need passion and dedication.

The same qualities are required if you want to learn how to draw. You need to work hard, to be passionate about drawing and to put lots of time into it. Are you ready?

drawing a simple template to create the character

Let's start by creating a template using basic shapes. This is a simple technique that can be used to work on the posture and the proportions of the character before drawing the final lines. First, draw the head using a large oval shape. Ears are made from tiny circles. You can also create the neck using a short square.

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher

adding a body mostly made from rectangles

Next, let's draw the body, the arms and the legs using basic rectangles and oval shapes. Since the cartoon teacher is holding a stick, make sure that the right arm is up. Now that the posture and the proportions are nice, it's time to proceed with the next step.

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher

polishing the silhouette using perfect curved lines

Using the template created in the previous steps, you can now illustrate the character using perfect curved lines. Notice the shape of the head as well as the addition of fingers on both hands. Like I said earlier, one hand is holding a stick while the other one remains open.

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher

drawing legs and feet

More fun lines are needed to draw the legs and the feet of the teacher. The character is standing while holding a stick, so both legs don't need to be separated. Great! This simple lesson is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher

adding simple accessories

Now that both hands are drawn, you can add a stick in one of them. This object is made from a thin rectangle with round edges. Below the neck, you can draw a tie using a circle and a triangular shape. Another simple line is used to separate both legs.

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher

working on the facial features

Let's add some personality to this character by creating a fun face. First, draw some hair on top of the head. Eyes are made from small dots and glasses with perfect circles. The eyebrows and the mouth are represented by simple lines. A tiny beard is added around the mouth.

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher

bringing the character to life using colors

It's now time to bring this fun teacher to life using plain colors. The pants, the hair and the beard are filled with a simple brown color. The shirt is green and the tie is blue. For the stick, a subtle beige color is used. The glasses can be white. Make sure that the fingers located behind the left hand of the character are darker.

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher

One last cool effect to complete this cartoon teacher

You can also play with gradients if you want to add more depth to this illustration. As you can see below, some areas of the cartoon teacher are now darker. This simple effect can help create a more realistic illustration.

How To Draw A Cartoon Teacher

Now that we are done creating this cool teacher, feel free to try more lessons related to adorable characters below. Have fun with these additional resources and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. :)

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