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How to Draw A Cartoon Swimmer in action

How To Draw A Cartoon Swimmer In Action

Drawing a cartoon swimmer in action can be a fun thing to try. In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to draw a swimmer easily in eight little steps. Only the bottom part of the character is visible, so it will be easier to achieve since you don't have to draw the bottom part of the body and the legs.

Swimming is a healthy sport that doesn't require too much equipment to practice. If you have the opportunity to live in an area with warm weather, it's even something that you can do outside. Since you are dealing with water, it's a good idea to swim according to your capabilities. Let's see how we can draw a cute swimmer quickly and easily using the tutorial below. :)

let's start with the head of the character

First, you can create a template made from basic shapes to help you visualize the posture of the character. Let's start by drawing the head using a large oval shape. Next, you can draw an ear using a smaller circle. Notice the angle of the head since the swimmer is depicted in action.

How To Draw A Cartoon Swimmer

working on the arms and the hands

Now that the head is done, you can draw both arms using short rectangles. The hand in front is created from a small oval shape. The other hand located behind the character is shown from a side view and is represented by a thin rectangle. That's it for the body of the swimmer! Let's see how we can use these shapes to illustrate the character in action.

How To Draw A Cartoon Swimmer

polishing the posture using nice curved lines

Our template is completed, so let's use this one to polish the posture of the cartoon swimmer. You can draw the head using simple curved lines. The chin can be pointed and the ear is made from a small line. A swim cap is added on top of the head. For the arms and hands, you can study the illustration below to get the posture right.

How To Draw A Cartoon Swimmer

adding water and a few facial features

Below the character, you can draw water using several short curved lines. Inside the head, draw two large eyes using perfect circles. For the mouth, a triangular shape is needed. Notice how the bottom of the mouth was created just like the chin.

How To Draw A Cartoon Swimmer

drawing the final details inside the cartoon swimmer

Sketch a few simple dots to represent the pupils. The nose and the teeth are made from short lines. More lines are needed to create the fingers in front. The hand on the back is also gifted with a few additional fingers. You can complete this step by adding a few drops of water behind the character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Swimmer

it's time to play with colors!

Now that the character is drawn, you can add plain colors inside the illustration. The swim cap can be filled with a bright red color. For the water, a light blue color is used. The eyes and the mouth can remain white. This image is nice, but we can make it slightly more appealing ...

How To Draw A Cartoon Swimmer

working with gradients to create more depth and volume

Gradients can be used to create more depth and volume inside an illustration. In this case, all elements that are used to compose the image are now filled with gradients. Notice how the water is much darker near the bottom. The same thing can be observed on the swim cap and the body of the swimmer.

How To Draw A Cartoon Swimmer

Great! Sketching and drawing this cute cartoon swimmer was a fun task. You can also learn to draw more athletes from this site using the links available below. Have fun working with new illustrations and remember to practice on a daily basis. That's the only key to success. :)

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