how to draw a cartoon swan

Learn how to illustrate a cute cartoon swan using this adorable step-by-step drawing lesson. Indeed, I will show you how to come up with a simple version of this adorable animal in just seconds using a video and a written tutorial. If you can draw a few circles and perfect long curved lines, then you should be fine. Ready? Let's begin with the video version first ...

How to draw a cartoon swan

all the steps needed in one short video!

Some people prefer to see it all in action. If it's your case too, then simply use the short video below to see how this cartoon animal was created from scratch. You will learn how to use basic shapes to create a template, how to draw the swan using beautiful lines and how to add colors quickly and easily.

A written tutorial to create a beautiful cartoon swan in minutes!

Need more information to reach your goal! Excellent! Here we go ... first, draw a short oval shape to form the head. A triangle is used to represent the beak. The body is also made from a large circular shape. The neck is done with long curved lines and shorter ones are needed to create the wing. Now that we have a template to work with, let's draw the character!

How to draw a cartoon swan

This cartoon swan is mostly made from long curved lines. The shape of the neck and the beak are important so that the character remains easily recognizable. The eye is done using a small circle and a short line is added inside the beak. Once your character is completed, simply erase all gray lines created earlier.

How to draw a cartoon swan

Once the template featuring basic shapes is erase, you should end up with something like this. We can now proceed to the final step (which remains an important one): adding beautiful plain colors.

How to draw a cartoon swan

Yes, swans are usually white, but to make this one stand out from the background you can use a light gray color. The beak is filled with a saturated orange color and the eye is colored in blue. The stripe located between the beak and the head can be filled with a dark gray color. Cool! Very nice cartoon animal! :)

How to draw a cartoon swan

It's time to get creative and draw more adorable swans!

Now that you are familiar with the process of creating beautiful swans like the one found below, it's time to get more creative! Simply draw more versions using your own style. Change the posture, try different colors or add more details ... the choice is yours! As long as you are drawing, then your goal is achieved. Have fun!

How to draw a cartoon swan

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