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How to Draw A Cartoon Sunflower filled with nice shadows

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower Filled With Nice Shadows

You can sketch a cartoon sunflower using realistic shapes, lines and patterns using this fun lesson here. However, if you prefer to create something visually more cartoonish, then this tutorial is for you. Indeed, I will show you how to create a fun flower featuring gorgeous petals, a perfect disc floret and ... a face.

Yes, this flower is also a cartoon character. We are working with cartoon illustrations, so why not go for something wild and more creative. To make things a little bit more interesting, I will also show you how to add simple gradients to the subject to create a more appealing image.

Let's see how we can draw this fun cartoon sunflower in just a few minutes using all eight steps found below now ...

let's start with the creation of the disc floret

The center of the flower (where all inner flower petals are located) is called a disc floret. This one is represented with a nice perfect circular shape. Make sure that you leave enough space all around this circle to create all petals later in this drawing lesson.

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

adding a few petals to begin with

This flower will be featuring eight simple petals. For this step, let's start with the top one and the bottom one. If you are like me and wish to make sure that all petals are symmetrical, then you can follow these tips. If you don't mind, then you can skip all three following steps. For this step, simply make sure that both petals are perfectly aligned vertically. You can see the result so far below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

drawing two more petals on both sides

It's now time to sketch two more petals, but this time on the horizontal axis. If possible, try to be consistent with the sizes and the proportions of all petals. At this point, is also important to keep some room between all petals. Four more petals will be drawn and we need some space to include these new additions to the drawing.

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

sketching the remaining petals

Like I said in the previous step, now we need to draw the four remaining petals on the flower as shown below. Once again, try to be consistent with the shapes and sizes of the petals. The silhouette of the subject is now completed. It's time to work with the details and draw some important body parts (since the flower is also a character).

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

adding the eyes and the mouth

The face is the most important aspect of any cartoon character. There are multiple ways to create a lovely facial expression. You can draw huge eyes, a large mouth or simply opt for something simpler. For this lesson, let's go with the latter.

Inside the disc floret, you can sketch the eyes using small oval shapes. Both eyes can be close to each other to create a unique look. The mouth is done using two long curved lines. Make sure you are using all the space possible when drawing this huge smile.

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

working with subtle details

Some tiny details can make a huge difference in a cartoon drawing. Since a cartoon character must be basic and simple, adding a little tweak to the character can have a huge impact. In this case, you can sketch a small circle inside both eyes to illustrate reflection. These new additions are located on the right side of the eyes. Inside the mouth, you can also draw a tiny tongue as shown below. This flower looks better with both new shapes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

it's time to add some colors inside the cartoon sunflower

Colors can help enhance a simple image into something visually more interesting. In this case, the disc floret in filled with a bright yellow color. The eyes and the mouth are colored in black. For the tongue, a bright red color in needed. The petals can be white for now. All lines are also colored in gray (except for the eyes and mouth).

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

adding more effects to the character

If you are using a vector application, then you can add some gradients to create more volume inside the cartoon sunflower. As you can see below, all petals are now darker near the bottom. The area around the eyes is also brighter. This fun character looks quite appealing now!

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

Need help creating this fun image? You can use the illustration below to see all eight steps grouped into a single file. Don't hesitate to study this lesson carefully and once you are familiar with the character, simply unleash your creativity! Draw more flowers with various colors, gradients, patterns and textures.

How To Draw A Cartoon Sunflower

Now that we are done illustrating this fun flower, feel free to try more lessons from this site below. These tutorials are filled with great tips and techniques to help you draw plants and flowers more easily. :)

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