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How to Draw A Cartoon Suitcase that is cute and practical

How To Draw A Cartoon Suitcase That Is Cute And Practical

Learning to draw a cartoon suitcase can be a fun exercise. This important object for travelers can be made from various shapes, sizes and colors. If you wish to travel around the globe, it's hard to imagine leaving without one. For this tutorial. I will show you how to create a vintage case. This one is very simple although you will need to work with perspective and proportions.

Ready? Let's work on this lesson now. :)

Adding basic shapes to form a template

First, we can add a few basic shapes to form a template that will be used to illustrate the object. You can start by drawing a simple rectangle to create a panel. Don't forget to leave some room on top of the suitcase so that we can add the handle later on.

How To Draw A Cartoon Suitcase

Next, it's time to create a little bit of depth. To do so, you can draw a few straight lines on the left side of the object. Four lines are needed to complete this step. You don't need to create a large suitcase. If your new lines are too far from the original shape, then the effect might not be relevant.

How To Draw A Cartoon Suitcase

Once you are done creating the depth of the object, you can add a few lines inside the top and side panels. First, a line must be drawn from both top corners (the thicker one below). Once you are done, you can also add two thinner lines on both panels. These lines are used to form the opening section of the suitcase.

How To Draw A Cartoon Suitcase

Some suitcases are gifted with small padlocks on both sides of the handles. To illustrate this part of the object, start by adding two vertical stripes on the front panel.

On top of the suitcase, two smaller rectangles can be drawn on both sides. These new shapes are representing the padlocks. It's a simple tip, but still quite effective.

How To Draw A Cartoon Suitcase

On top of the suitcase, you can draw a handle using small curved lines. The handle is joined to the object using two tiny squares. Great work! This cartoon suitcase is progressing nicely. One last step is needed to complete this lesson for good. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Suitcase

adding colors and effect to the cartoon suitcase

This vintage object is mostly filled with brown colors. Only the handle is colored in gray. Both stripes in front are slightly darker while the padlocks are almost black. Notice how colors were added to the drawing using gradients. This simple technique is perfect to add even more depth and volume to the object.

How To Draw A Cartoon Suitcase

Great work! Now that we are done sketching and drawing this simple suitcase, don't hesitate to try more fun lessons from this site below. Remember that practicing is the key and have fun drawing. :)

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