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How to Draw Cartoon Students ready for school

How To Draw Cartoon Students Ready For School

Drawing cartoon students is not the most common exercise to practice. Still, it can be fun to illustrate a student using mostly a few basic shapes and lines. A few decades ago, every student was wearing a uniform to go to school. Today, only a handful of students are doing so.

For this lesson, we will create a cute female character wearing a basic uniform. The subject is holding a book (or a laptop, you decide) and is standing in front of us. Ready? Let's start this fun lesson now. :)

starting with the head

First, we need to sketch a few basic shapes to form a template that will be used to illustrate the character. You can start by drawing a large circle to form the head. On both sides, add smaller circular shapes to represent the ears. The neck is made from a tiny rectangle.

How To Draw Cartoon Students

adding more body parts to this cute character

Under the neck, you can add a large square to create the body. On both sides of the subject, sketch a few tiny rectangles to form both arms. You can use the illustration below to study the posture carefully. It's now the best moment to polish the position of the girl and make sure all proportions are fine.

How To Draw Cartoon Students

finalizing the bottom part of the student

Under the right arm, draw a simple rectangle. Then, create a dress from a basic rectangle. Notice that the bottom part must be larger than the top. Finally, complete this template by drawing the legs and feet. Great! This lesson on how to draw cartoon students is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw Cartoon Students

Polishing the character using smooth curved lines

Now that all basic shapes were added to illustrate this cute girl, it's time to polish our work using thin smooth lines. First, draw the head and the ears using long lines. Eyes are made from perfect circles. Complete this step by creating the hair using more subtle lines.

How To Draw Cartoon Students

drawing the arms and the body of the character

You can now polish the neck using thin curved lines. For the body, you can use more simple lines. Make sure that the shoulders are larger than the waist. The area near the breast must be smaller than the shoulders, but slightly larger than the waist too.

For the right arm, don't forget that this one is holding an object. All fingers are located on the bottom of the object except for the thumb. The left hand is located on the waist. Nice work! :)

How To Draw Cartoon Students

working on the legs and feet

The dress of the character is made from three simple curved lines. You can also draw the legs as shown in the illustration below. For the feet, small curved lines are needed.

How To Draw Cartoon Students

adding important details

Inside the eyes, you can draw pupils using small dots. The mouth and the nose are created from small curved lines. More lines are needed inside the hair. You can also draw a collar on top of the shirt. Great! Now you know how to draw fun cartoon students. All we need to do is add some colors!

How To Draw Cartoon Students

Adding colors to create a more appealing character

It's now time to enhance our work by adding plain colors inside the character. For this tutorial, the character is gifted with blond hair. For the uniform and the socks, a bright blue color is used. The skirt is black. The object is gray and the shoes are brown.

How To Draw Cartoon Students

Using gradients to complete this lesson on drawing cartoon students

One last thing we can do to increase the level of realism is add some gradients inside the illustration. It's a nice and simple way to create more depth and volume if you can use a vector application. As you can see below, most shapes are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top.

How To Draw Cartoon Students

I hope you had fun learning to draw this adorable cartoon character. Don't hesitate to draw more versions using various clothing and hairstyles. More fun lessons featuring cute subjects can also be found below. Enjoy and remember to practice as often as possible. :)

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