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How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier ready to help

How To Draw A Cartoon Soldier Ready To Help

Drawing a cartoon soldier can be difficult, but it's definitely not as difficult as being one! Everyone knows that being a soldier is a tough job. A soldier needs to take part in dangerous missions throughout the world. All soldiers know that any mission can be there last. However, helping people from another country is also the most rewarding thing to do.

In order to give a little boost to our troops, why not draw this nice illustration and send your masterpiece to the men and women overseas that are dedicating their lives to protect our country? You can start with the video version and then proceed with the written tutorial below. :)

adding shapes to create a template

First, let's sketch a few basic shapes to create a simple template that will be used to illustrate the cartoon character. You can start by adding a simple square to represent the body (or torso) of the soldier.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

drawing more simple shapes

On top of the torso, you can add a rectangle to form the bottom part of the head (and the helmet). Make sure this new shape is narrower than the body. The top part of the helmet is made from a circle.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

completing the helmet and adding arms

A chinstrap is located on the bottom of the helmet. You can illustrate this part of the object by drawing four thin rectangles as shown in the image below. Small arms made from rectangles are also added on both sides of the soldier.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

adding a few more shapes to complete this template

The legs, the feet and the hands of the cartoon soldiers are all made from thick rectangles. Remember that this is just a cartoon character. You can play with proportions as much as you want. We are not looking for realism, but for maximum cuteness!

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

Polishing the top part of the cartoon soldier

Now that we have enough shapes to guide us through the drawing process, it's time to draw our subject. Start by polishing the helmet using long curved lines. Notice how the helmet is built using six different lines.

Eyes are made from two large oval shapes. You can also complete the chinstrap by using more subtle lines.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

working on the arms and the legs

Using more subtle curved lines, you can sketch the arms and the hands. Remember that only four fingers are needed. Once you are done, draw the legs and the feet as shown in the image below.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

adding important accessories

On the cartoon soldier, you can draw a body armor using five rectangular shapes with round edges. A pocket is also drawn on the chest. Behind the character, a weapon is created using several small rectangles made from perfect lines.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

drawing simple details

Inside the head, you can draw a nose using a thin curved line. For the pupils, just use small dots. Finally, you can complete this character by drawing patches on the helmet, the arms and the legs. Great work! We are almost done creating this cute soldier.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

working with basic colors

Let's add some colors to help us create a more appealing illustration. First, you can use a bright green color for the pocket. A darker version of the same color is used for the body armor. The helmet and the clothes are filled with brown colors. The pupils are black and the eyes are white.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

adding gradients to complete this tutorial

If you are using a vector application, then you can use gradients to create more depth and volume inside the image. As you can see below, most parts of the character are now darker near the bottom.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

If you need more help drawing this adorable soldier, then you can use the image below. This one contains all steps inside a single image.

How to Draw A Cartoon Soldier

I hope you had fun working with this character. You can also try more fun lessons below related to a similar theme. Enjoy and don't forget to draw on a daily basis if you want to improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. :)

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