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how to draw cartoon slippers with cute emoticons

How to draw cartoon slippers

Learn how to draw cute cartoon slippers (one blue and one pink) filled with fluffiness, softness and cool digital effects. I will show you how to come up with fun objects that are visually appealing and relatively easy to illustrate. If you are able to use a vector application to create this illustration, then the result will be even more interesting.

step 1 - drawing the cartoon slippers

First, we need to draw both slippers using a few curved lines. Unlike other tutorials from the same series, you don't need to use basic shapes to create a template. Simply draw the lines until you are satisfied with the proportions and the shape of both objects.

How to draw cartoon slippers

step 2 - adding two amusing smiling characters

On both slippers, draw a nice cartoon character using several short curved lines and irregular circles. You can use all short lines around both heads to create the illusion of fluffiness. This is not adding texture, but these lines are still needed to depict the fabric and the nature of the objects.

How to draw cartoon slippers

step 3 - bright colors to give life to the object

Like I said earlier, why not create one pink slipper and a blue one? You can also use a bright yellow color for both heads and a light grey color for the pupils. Make sure that all elements used to create depth on the objects are filled with a darker version of the color found inside the shape.

How to draw cartoon slippers

step 4 - color gradients to create a first level of depth

Plain colors are cool, but adding color gradients to create volume is even more interesting. As you can see below, all parts of the cartoon slippers (whether it is the little yellow head or any other part of both objects) are now filled with two different tones of color. This is an easy technique to use if you want more volume in an object without having to draw more shapes.

How to draw cartoon slippers

step 5 - Textures to increase the level of realism

Another simple thing we can do to make this illustration even more realistic is to add texture. In this case, stitches were added all over the slippers using small pointed lines. You can also draw long thin lines inside both objects as shown below.

All current lines for these new additions are colored in blue, but this color was only used to help you see these new elements. Simply use a color close to the one found on the shape below, only darker.

How to draw cartoon slippers

step 6 - drawing strong shadows manually 

Of course, drawing additional shadows using new handmade shapes is still a good idea to make the whole drawing more believable. Simply use a darker color to create these new elements and add some transparency to make the result appealing and subtle. Once again, all blue lines are only used to help you see these new shapes.

How to draw cartoon slippers

step 7 - highlights to create the final touch

Creating darker areas is nice, but it's also a good idea to sketch bright shapes to illustrate the presence of highlights and reflections. These white shapes can also be filled with transparency to create a subtle result. 

How to draw cartoon slippers

nice slippers ready for some action!

Below you can see both slippers once all digital effects are added. Feel free to create various patterns, play with different colors and draw more textures and details. All tips learn here can easily be applied to various objects. Just unleash your creativity and draw more cute slippers like these ones!

How to draw cartoon slippers
How to draw cartoon slippers

More tutorials related to the same theme can be found below. Have fun working with all these additional resources and happy drawing. :)

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