How to Draw A Cartoon Shrimp

In this simple drawing lesson, you will draw a cartoon shrimp made exclusively from simple  curved lines and shapes. Once the character is created, you will have the opportunity to add some colors and create simple effects to add more volume and end up with something visually more appealing.

You can also use pencils to create this animal, but the tutorial is optimized for people who are using a vector application. Ready? Let's start this simple tutorial now! :)

Step 1

First, you can sketch the character using simple curved lines with pointed ends as shown in the image below. The eyes and the pupils are made from large circles. Antennas are made from long pointed lines. 

The small legs are also made from pointed lines that are similar to the shape of a triangle. You can choose to add more details or create a simple version of this cartoon animal as I did below. 

Step 2

Nice work! It's now time to add colors inside the character using additional shapes that are located behind the outlines. Pink might not be the real color of a shrimp, but since it's a cartoonish version you can use this color. 

The eye must be white and the pupil can be black. Remember to create a large pupil since shrimps have large black eyes (but we are cheating a little bit). 

Step 3

Cool! In this step, you can select the gradient fill tool from your vector application and add a second color on each element to illustrate simple shadows. The goal is to give more depth to the shrimp without adding new shapes for now. Make sure that you are using a darker version of the pink color selected earlier as the second color. 

Step 4

Now it's time to create additional shapes to create shadows. Draw a large circle around the eye and more shapes on areas that are not exposed to the light source.

I also like to partially hide these new shapes otherwise the effect will be too dark and not realistic at all. Please note that the blue outlines are only used to help you figure out which elements must be added. 

Step 5

Once all blue lines are gone, you can see how the shrimp should look like so far. The character is great, but we can do one additional thing to make this illustration even more fascinating. 

Step 6

Duplicate all shapes that are large and change the color from pink to white. You can also slightly reduce the size of these elements and partially hide the bottom part of these new shapes. The goal is to create simple highlights to create more contrast (and therefore more volume too). 

Nice work creating a cartoon shrimp using only 6 steps!

That's it for this drawing lesson! Once all these simple effects are added, the result is a lovely cartoon shrimp made from simple shapes and digital effects. Additional similar characters are also available in the same section of the site! Have fun and happy drawing! :)

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