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how to draw cartoon shorts with amazing textures

How to draw cartoon shorts

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to create cartoon shorts that are easy to illustrate and fun to fill in with shadows, reflections and a simple texture. Using a vector application to create this piece of clothing is highly recommended, but using traditional tools can also be a good alternative.

step 1 - drawing the object using a few lines

You can start this tutorial by drawing a few basic lines to illustrate these shorts. Only the button on the upper part of the image is made from a basic shape. All other areas are created from long curved lines. 

How to draw cartoon shorts

step 2 - adding more details

Although this object is rather simple, it can be a good idea to draw more details to make this one even more visually appealing. We are not talking about texture here, but just a few additions to make the shorts even more recognizable.

For instance, more lines are needed inside both pockets. Short and repetitive lines are also drawn all over the borders of the object.

How to draw cartoon shorts

step 3 - colors to bring the image to life!

In this example, the cartoon pants are filled with a dark blue color. Make sure that areas like the pockets, the section located between both legs as well as the inside of the object are filled with a darker version of the same color. The button is colored in gray. Stripes near the belt and on the bottom of the illustration are brighter.

How to draw cartoon shorts

step 4 - color gradients to create some depth

Using the gradient fill tool, you can also create a simple effect as shown below. As you can see, the bottom part of both pockets is now darker. The whole object is also brighter on top and darker on the bottom.

How to draw cartoon shorts

step 5 - drawing beautiful shadows

In this step, draw a few shadows manually on areas that are not affected by the light source. Remember that these new shapes must be subtle, so it's a good idea to play with the opacity of these new elements as shown below. See how these cartoon shorts are already more appealing? ;) 

How to draw cartoon shorts

step 6 - reflection to create more volume

Shadows are pretty common in the wonderful world of cartoons, but what about highlights and reflections? Drawing solid shapes colored in white is a good practice to create even more depth and volume. Once again, don't forget to play with the opacity of these elements to end up with a very subtle result.

How to draw cartoon shorts

step 7 - texture to complete this lesson

A simple texture can elevate a basic image into a more interesting one. In this case, all you need to do is draw a few horizontal lines on the object. Yes, these lines too should be partially transparent. 

How to draw cartoon shorts

Good work! These are nice cartoon shorts! :)

Below you can see the illustration once all effects like shadows, highlights and textures are added. Of course, this is not a realistic illustration, but it's still quite good for a cartoon image.

How to draw cartoon shorts

have fun drawing more piece of clothing

All the tips you have learned throughout this lesson can be used to draw any piece of clothing you can think of. Whether you prefer to draw socks, t-shirts or pants, the techniques used to draw all those objects are quite similar.

How to draw cartoon shorts

Have fun drawing and don't forget to try more tutorials from the same section here! :)

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