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How to Draw A Cartoon Seal with a fun look

How To Draw A Cartoon Seal With A Fun Look

Drawing a cartoon seal can easily be done using fun shapes like rectangles and triangles. In this lesson, I will show you a simple technique to assemble all these elements so that we can end up with a lovely character.

Once you are able to illustrate this fun animal, creating your own version will be much easier. Before proceeding with the written part of this tutorial, you are invited to watch the small video below. Using both resources is a good idea if you want to understand the creative process behind this lesson.

Ready? Let's start this lesson now ... :)

adding basic shapes to create the character

To create this seal, we must start by drawing a few basic shapes that will be assembled together. Then, all we need to do is polish these shapes to form the character. The first shape we need to draw is the body. Sketch a large and thin rectangle to form this one. Make sure the shape is placed vertically.

How To Draw A Cartoon Seal

drawing the tail and the snout

Once the body is created, you can add a small triangle on top of the main shape to represent the snout. This one is located on the left side of the body. Notice how the main shape is aligned with the large rectangle. Next, sketch the tail using another thin triangle. This new shape is placed on the bottom right of the character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Seal

working on the flipper of the cartoon seal

Inside the main shape, draw two vertical lines to illustrate one of the flippers. Notice how both lines are pointed near the end. On the rear flipper, you can add a small triangular shape as shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Seal

adding more details on the snout and the flipper

You can add a small vertical line inside the snout to form the nose of the cartoon seal. Once you are done working inside the head, sketch a small triangle on the flipper located near the bottom of the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Seal

drawing the eye and the whiskers

In this step, let's work mostly on the top part of the character. First, you can add a few lines to form the whiskers next to the nose. This one is also filled with a dark color.

Once you are done drawing more details on the nose, you can add the eye. This one is represented by a small dot. Just like the nose, this one is colored in black.

How To Draw A Cartoon Seal

working with colors and gradients

It's time to bring this fun illustration to another level by adding simple colors and gradients. First, we must erase all lines that are useless. For instance, the line visible between the eye and the nose is now removed. The same thing is done to the line separating the body and the back flipper. Using gradients also help making this image visually more appealing.

How To Draw A Cartoon Seal

Do you need more help drawing and sketching this basic animal? No problem! You can use the image below to help you see all steps in just one quick look.

How To Draw A Cartoon Seal

Nice work! Now that we are done illustrating this fun seal, don't hesitate to try more adorable characters below. Have fun sketching and don't forget to practice often. :)

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