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How to Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures that look frightening

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures That Look Frightening

Learning how to draw cartoon sea creatures can be a fun creative process. For this example, I have used the body of an octopus. The rest of the creature is purely made of imaginary parts. The goal of this tutorial is to show you that creating a monster requires imagination and creativity!

You can use any animal you want and turn it into something new and frightening. You can also start from scratch and draw anything you can think of. Possibilities are endless. Ready? Let's see how this fun character can be drawn in just a few basic steps. :)

Using basic shapes to create a simple template

First, you can start this lesson by adding a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to form the character. The first shape you can draw is a large rectangle. This one will be used to form the body and the head of the monster.

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures

Next, you can sketch tentacles below the body of the creature. Simply use a few curved lines. Don't hesitate to work on the posture for this step. It's the best moment to polish the position of the creature. I want to create a frightening character, so the tentacles will be drawn accordingly.

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures

Polishing the silhouette using simple curved lines

Using long curved lines, you can now work on the silhouette of the cartoon character as shown in the image below. All tentacles can be thin and pointed near the end. The posture is menacing, so it could be a good idea to create a facial expression that matches this position. Great! This lesson on how to draw cute cartoon sea creatures is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures

Inside the head (which also serves as the body), you can draw the eyes and the mouth using irregular shapes. Notice how the mouth is large and made from more curved lines.

Eyes are also large, but one of them is slightly smaller than the other. The face is covering most of the body. That's a weird detail, but definitely not for a fictional monster.

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures

This monster should be ugly, so feel free to add details and textures to help enhance the character (or make this one look uglier). For this version, wrinkles are added around the eyes and a little bit of blood is create around the mouth.

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures

On top of the head, you can draw small horns made from smooth triangles. You can use a similar shape to draw all teeth found inside the mouth. Nice work! We are now done drawing the character. It's time to add some colors.

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures

Cartoon sea creatures must be filled with colors to be menacing!

Colors are quite important to enhance an illustration. It's usually the moment when a character is definitely brought to life. For this creature, I have mostly used green colors. A little bit of red is needed around the mouth and inside this one.

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures

One last step and we are done!

All details added in the previous step can be altered a little bit. For instance, the patches around the eyes are smoother and more subtle now. Gradients were also added inside the monster to create more depth and volume. Nice work! Now you know how to create perfect cartoon sea creatures using all the tips found on this page. :)

How To Draw Cartoon Sea Creatures

Did you have fun working with this character? If you want to try more cool monsters from this site, then you can enjoy these samples below. Have fun! :)

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