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how to draw cartoon sea animals using fun examples

How to draw cartoon sea animals - dolphin

Learn to draw cartoon sea animals like a dolphin, a seal, a whale and a shark. In this series, you will learn to draw cute animals using a single template made from long curved lines. Once you are familiar with this template, drawing a wide variety of different characters will become a fun and easy task. Let's begin our journey into the sea with the creation of a nice cartoon dolphin.

Drawing a cartoon dolphin with a huge smile

First, let's draw the head using a square made from curved lines. Next, draw a body (slightly narrower) also made from curved lines. Draw a fin on top of the head. Next, work on the facial expression by adding dots to form the eyes and a line to create the mouth. A small oval shape is also added above the eyes.

The fins and the tail are made from short triangles. A large patch is drawn on the chest of the animal. When you are done, you can add basic colors inside the cartoon character.

How to draw cartoon sea animals - dolphin

Sketching an adorable cartoon seal in four easy steps

Let's work on a second character made from a similar head and body. Once you are done with both body parts, sketch the fins using long triangles. The nose is large and made from an oval shape. Both eyes are created from dots. The mouth is made from a curved line.

Draw short whiskers on both sides of the head. Small patches are also drawn on the cheeks. A large patch is added on the chest. Complete this lesson by adding a variety of gray colors inside the cartoon seal.

How to draw cartoon sea animals- seal

creating a beautiful whale that looks amazing

This cartoon whale is pretty similar to the cartoon dolphin created earlier. Of course, there are a few simple differences. First, the whole above the eyes is larger. The patch on the chest is also larger and filled with thin stripes. Colors used inside the cartoon whale are darker and more saturated. That's it for this cool sea animal!

How to draw cartoon sea animals- whale

let's complete with a terrifying cartoon shark

Well, ok ... this cartoon shark is probably not terrifying. In fact, it's rather cute and adorable. Once again, this character is pretty similar to the dolphin created previously with a few interesting modifications. First, the fin on top is longer. Next, the cartoon shark is showing a few sharp teeth.

Next, two small lines are added on both cheeks of the character. Finally, instead of using blue colors inside the animal, you need to use a variety of dark gray colors.

How to draw cartoon sea animals - shark

Drawing cute cartoon sea animals was easy

I hope you had fun drawing these four cute cartoon sea animals. Now that you are familiar with the template used on all four characters, drawing similar animals should be an easy task. If you need help, you can find the whole list of similar cartoon animals here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible.

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