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How to draw a Cartoon Scrooge using a painting software

Learn how to draw a serious cartoon scrooge using a simple painting technique! This cartoon character has been around for a long time. Whether in literature or movies, scrooge is always depicted as being old, grumpy and not very friendly.

In my case, I wanted to draw a simple character with a younger face. Since my character needs to have some kind of wisdom, I also went with white hair.

Step 1

Cartoon scrooge

As usual, the project starts with a simple sketch. The character is in a portrait mode with a small portion of a street being visible in the background. I want the scene to take place at night.

Step 2

Cartoon scrooge

The canvas layer is duplicated and the new layer is set to multiply. This allows me to paint over the sketch while the lines are still visible. The hat and the suit of the cartoon scrooge are colored in grey.

Step 3

Cartoon scrooge

I create new layers for the walls and the background. I find it easier to paint these elements separately. The sky is also created on a different layer.

Step 4

Cartoon scrooge

To make sure that the rest of the tutorial is easier to read, the sketch is now hidden. However, I still use it as a reference. Now that all layers are painted with plain colors, it's time to add a few effects. I draw the moon and add a few clouds on the background.

Step 5

Cartoon scrooge

I move on and work on the house by adding a light shadow all around it. I also add a few details like windows and bricks using a subtle tone of blue. The transparency of my brush is set to 10%.

Step 6

Cartoon scrooge

It's now time to work on the walls. I have to keep in mind that the moon is creating a small reflection on each brick. So far, the background is colored using a similar tone of blue.

Step 7

Cartoon scrooge

Now I need to select a darker tone of grey to create a textured effect on the street. Don't worry if the cartoon scrooge is hard to read right now. We will work on him in a few moments.

Step 8

Cartoon scrooge

I select the layer that contains the character and add a few shadows on the hat and the suit. I also work inside the hat and the suit to illustrate folds and reflections.

Step 9

Cartoon scrooge

Now the fun part begins! I need to create the face of my cartoon scrooge. I must add darker areas around the eyes, the mouth and the chin. I also create darker areas on the nose and the ears.

Finally, I draw a few bright stripes on the nose and around the face to enhance the readability of the character. The eyes and the mouth are created at the end of this step.

Step 10

Cartoon scrooge

Sometimes, things are not as visually interesting as expected. In this drawing, I decided to change the background near the face of the character. The line used to create another building behind the cartoon character was removed. I also added a shadow on the wall near the left shoulder.

Step 11

Cartoon scrooge

Although the previous illustration was already perfect for me, I decided to add a little bit of smoke around the cartoon scrooge to create a better atmosphere. That's it! I hope you had fun drawing this cute character! Enjoy! :)

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