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How to Draw A Cartoon School made from fun shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon School Made From Fun Shapes

Drawing a cartoon school can easily be done if you are comfortable sketching perfect squares and rectangles. Indeed, these are mostly the two unique shapes needed to draw this large building quickly and easily. Of course, the school used for this lesson can be classified as a vintage one. The style, the colors ... this building was probably built in the 70s. :)

Although this tutorial is relatively easy, it's important to be as precise as possible when creating such a drawing. You don't need to elevate your skills to the level of an architect (I know I wouldn't be able), but let's just say that precision is important for this lesson. 

Let's see how we can draw this simple building in just a few basic steps using the step-by-step drawing lesson found below.

let's start with a huge rectangle

First, you can start by sketching a large rectangle to form the silhouette of the building. Notice how this one is thick, but still quite wide. This little detail is important because we need enough space inside the shape to create all the windows and doors needed to complete this basic school. Once you are done drawing the main rectangle, you can add another thin shape on top to represent the roof.

How to Draw A Cartoon School

working on the doors

Next, you can add the main shape used to create both front doors using a smaller rectangle. I like to sketch this element now so that we can determine the center of the drawing. On the bottom of this new shape, you can draw another thin and small rectangle. This new addition is representing the stairs. Nice work! This image of a cartoon school is slowly getting better and better.

How to Draw A Cartoon School

drawing more details inside the doors

Inside the smaller (and horizontal) rectangle, you can separate both doors by drawing two more vertical rectangles. These new shapes are sitting on the stairs, but a small space is visible all around both doors. Finally, complete this basic step by drawing the handles using a small horizontal line and thin rectangles.

How to Draw A Cartoon School

adding tons of windows

Now that both doors are created, it's time to sketch tons of window frames on the building (38 frames to be exact). Once again, these elements are made from small vertical rectangles that are almost perfect squares (but not quite). The row found on the bottom is perfectly aligned with the top of the doors. Both columns near the center are also aligned with the sides of the doors.

How to Draw A Cartoon School

sketching small windows inside the frames

One last thing needs to be done before adding colors to the illustration. Inside each frame, you can draw four small windows also made from rectangles. These new shapes are small, placed vertically and filled with some room between all windows.

Repeat the same process for all 38 windows. Like I said earlier, being precise is important so make sure that all shapes are as similar as possible. Cool! We are done drawing this amazing vintage building. However, this tutorial is not quite over yet.

How to Draw A Cartoon School

working with plain colors inside the cartoon school

Adding bright colors to your illustration can certainly help bring this one to life. For this lesson, a saturated red color was used for the building. The roof is slightly darker while the doors and the windows are colored in blue. For the frames of both the windows and the doors, you can use a white color. The stairs and the handles are gray.

Nice work! We are done sketching and drawing this basic cartoon school. Feel free to sketch more amusing buildings like this one using various shapes, materials, textures and designs. Just be creative and try to imagine how the perfect school should look like. As long as you draw and are using your creativity, you will learn to draw and improve your abilities quickly and easily.

How to Draw A Cartoon School

If you need more help with this lesson, then you can try using the picture below. This one contains all six steps required to sketch this fun school. Sometimes, having the possibility to see all six steps at once can be easier. Just remember to draw perfect shapes if you want to end up with the most appealing drawing possible.

How to Draw A Cartoon School

Now that this lesson on how to draw a school is completed, you are invited to try more fun places from the same series below. These fun lessons are filled with various challenges that can help you learn to draw fun buildings in just minutes. Some of them are also quite simple while others are filled with complex effects, textures and patterns. Have fun drawing and remember to practice on a daily basis. It's the key to success!

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