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how to draw a cartoon rose that looks fresh

How to draw a cartoon rose

Learn how to draw a cartoon rose using a simple video lesson as well as a four steps written tutorial. Drawing this beautiful flower is not always an easy task. Some petals are difficult to illustrate properly and adding reflections or shadows can be a nightmare. Fortunately, things can be simple! Let me show you how to draw a rose that feels realistic and appealing using only four easy steps ...

creating our cartoon rose using a short video

Watching this short video is a good alternative if you want to see how this cool cartoon image was created. All steps are displayed and nothing feels better than seeing it all in action. If you still have questions or prefer to study the subject more carefully, a written version is available below.

Drawing this flower using four easy steps

Ready? Great! First, we need to create a basic template using a few straight lines. Let's use a gray color for this step. I suggest drawing the middle of the rose first. Then, you can develop the illustration and add more petals around the flower. Don't forget to draw a leaf near the bottom of the image.

How to draw a cartoon rose

It's now time to draw the rose using lots of curved lines. This is a delicate flower and only the thorns are made from straight lines. Just make sure everything is fluid, logical and relevant. 

How to draw a cartoon rose

We can now erase the template created earlier (the gray lines). Now we clearly see all shapes and elements that were used to illustrate this flower. This image is visually cool, but we can make it even better by adding colors. No need to say that bright (and saturated) plain colors are needed! Let's proceed to the next step now ...

How to draw a cartoon rose

I have selected a bright red color for this example. You will also need two variations of the same color to come up with a nice cartoon rose. First, a dark version is applied to create a few shadows. Next, a brighter version is needed on top of the petals to form reflection. Don't forget to add a few green colors on the stem and the thorns to complete this step.

How to draw a cartoon rose

Nice work! More roses are available here!

Below you can see all steps required to illustrate this rose properly. Don't hesitate to create your own flower using various shapes, sizes and colors. It could also be a good idea to try adding textures and effects like shadows and reflections.

How to draw a cartoon rose

I hope you had fun working with this simple lesson. Below you can find more cool lessons featuring various flowers. Just practice as often as possible and enjoy these new resources! :)

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