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How to Draw A Cartoon Robber with a huge bag

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber With A Huge Bag

Sketching a cartoon robber can easily be done using this simple step-by-step lesson. It's even more interesting to create this character since this one is holding a large bag filled with stolen goods. However, his facial expression is suggesting that his journey is about to come to an end ...

Getting the position of the character right is a nice challenge. Sketching the position of the arms and the legs accurately is very important. Once this is done, your character will have a natural posture and it will be easier to draw everything else around him.

Ready? Let's start drawing this character now! :)

sketching a few basic shapes to create a template

First, let's draw a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to illustrate the character. You can start by creating the head using an oval shape. Both eyes are made from large circles. For the ears, just sketch a few curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

adding more shapes to form the upper part of the body

Below the head, you can add the torso using a large rectangle. Notice the fact that this shape is not made from perfect angles. For both arms, you can also use small rectangles and squares. It's also the best moment to polish the posture and the proportions of the character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

drawing more rectangles to represent the legs

It's now time to work on the lower part of the body. For the legs, you can draw long and thin rectangles as shown below. The feet are also made from thin rectangles. Once again, study and duplicate the posture of the cartoon robber carefully.

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

creating the bag

One last thing needs to be added before drawing the final version of the character : the bag. This one is made from a large irregular shape. The content is mostly located on the left, so make sure this part is thicker. Great! We are done building the template. It's time to draw for real!

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

drawing the silhouette of the character

You can now use multiple curved lines to draw the robber. Start by polishing the head and sketching a mask around the eyes. Next, draw the upper part of the body and the arms using more perfect lines.

Both hands are also filled with fun details like ... fingers! Complete this step by drawing the legs and the feet using more simple curved lines. Nice work! This character looks great. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

polishing the bag

Using more irregular lines, you can also polish the bag as shown in the illustration below. Notice how the posture of the character and the shape of the bag is suggesting that this one is loaded and heavy.

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

adding more details to the cartoon robber

Short curved lines are drawn inside the bag to display some of the content. Thin lines are added near the hand of the cartoon robber. You can also work on the facial expression of the subject. The mouth is important to display the emotion of the character properly. The exclamation mark on top of the head is also a good indication that something is wrong.

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

working with plain colors

Inside the illustration, you can add plain colors. The character is mostly filled with black and gray colors. The bag is colored in brown. The shadow on the ground is gray. Both eyes are white and the pupils are black. Of course, you can use different colors if you want to. These are just suggestions.

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

adding gradients to create more volume

If you have access to a vector application, then adding gradients to create more depth and volume can easily be done. This simple effect can also be done manually. Notice how most shapes are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top. Nice work! This lesson is now completed!

How To Draw A Cartoon Robber

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute character. More related lessons can be found below. Enjoy and don't forget to draw as often as possible. That's the key to success! :)

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