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How to Draw A Cartoon Reindeer with a fun appearance

How To Draw A Cartoon Reindeer With A Fun Appearance

Drawing a cartoon reindeer can easily be done using nice curved lines and circular shapes. However, could we sketch an appealing version using squares, rectangles and triangles? Yes we can! In just six easy steps, I will show you how to illustrate this amazing character using basic shapes, lines and colors.

Reindeer are often associated with Christmas. These lovely animals are usually gifted with thin legs, a long neck, simple antlers and a bright red nose. Let's see how we can create the basic version above and still create a nice character despite using sharp shapes.

drawing a nice body and legs using straight lines

First, let's create the body of the character using a large rectangle. Just study the proportions below to make sure that this first shape is not too large nor too tall. Next, below the body you can draw two simple legs using thin rectangles. Notice how the leg on the right is perfectly aligned with the back of the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Reindeer

adding a simple head and two more legs

On the left side of the illustration (near the top), you can draw another small rectangle to form the head of our subject. Once again, notice the position of the new shape inside the picture. On the bottom of the character, you can also draw two more legs behind the ones added in the first step. These new legs should be slightly higher compare to the original ones.

How To Draw A Cartoon Reindeer

working with more details

Near the bottom of the head, you can sketch a large oval shape to create the nose. Since we are working with a cartoon character, don't hesitate to use a large shape. Finally, you can draw hooves on the bottom of the legs using thin rectangles. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a cartoon reindeer is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Cartoon Reindeer

drawing the antlers and using simple triangles

Reindeer are usually gifted with large antlers on top of the head. You can illustrate those using a mix of thin rectangles. You can either use symmetrical shapes to create both antlers (like I did) or draw irregular shapes to end up with a more organic look.

Just below the antlers, you can draw the ears using small triangles. The pointed part of the shape is facing the ground. A similar shape is used to represent the tail of the character. Nice work! We are almost done sketching this adorable animal.

How To Draw A Cartoon Reindeer

Sketching the eyes and adding a simple pattern

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes using small dots. For this lesson, eyes are located close to each other. Of course, you can modify this aspect of the character if you prefer. Near the bottom of the body, sketch a large patch made from straight lines. Great! This animal is now completed. All we need to do is add colors inside the illustration.

How To Draw A Cartoon Reindeer

Bringing the cartoon reindeer to life using colors

It's time to bring this cartoon reindeer to life using gradients and simple colors. The animal is mostly filled with beige and brown colors. Antlers are colored in yellow (a subtle version of this color, not a bright one). For the nose, just use a basic red color. Hooves can be black.

How To Draw A Cartoon Reindeer

That's it! This cartoon reindeer is now finished! I hope you had fun working with this simple illustration. More related animals from this site can be drawn below. Have fun sketching and remember to practice on a daily basis. That's the real key to success! :)

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