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how to draw a cartoon rat with a unique look

How to draw a cartoon rat

Learn how to draw a cartoon rat mostly made from basic shapes, lines and plain colors. Indeed, I will show you how to illustrate this fun cartoon animal using a basic template made from basic shapes. Then, you will learn how to draw curved lines, add colors and create basic textures so that you can end up with a lovely character like the one found above. Ready? Let's start this tutorial now! :)

Drawing this cute cartoon rat using a video lesson

The first thing you can do to get more familiar with this cartoon animal is take a look at the video below. You will have access to all steps required to sketch and draw this adorable image. If you need more information or prefer to learn more about this tutorial, then simply scroll down for the written version of this lesson.

How to draw a rat in five easy steps

You can start by adding a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to draw the character. The head is made from a long and thin oval shape. The nose is created from a smaller oval shape. Ears are made from triangles while the neck is done using a rectangle. The body is made from a large circle and all legs and hands are represented by round shapes.

How to draw a cartoon rat

Cool! It's now time to draw this rat using short and long curved lines. Notice how the head is narrow, how ears are pointed on top and how the tail is created from perfect long lines. More details can also be found inside the hands and the feet of this cute cartoon rat.

How to draw a cartoon rat

Once the character is drawn, you can erase all gray lines created earlier (the ones we added in the first step to form the template). Excellent! This cartoon animal looks fine, but we can make it even better by adding plain colors and by sketching basic textures using mostly short lines.

How to draw a cartoon rat

Let's start with colors. The body, the head and the ears of the rat are filled with a saturated blue color. Eyes are also blue, but much darker. A skin color is used inside the nose, the ears, on the hands and feet as well as inside the tail. Good job! All we need to do is add some textures inside the illustration.

How to draw a cartoon rat

No need to create complex shapes or use various digital effects (like gradients or transparency) to end up with an appealing character. In this case, only short lines were added inside the body, the head, the tail, the hands and the feet of the subject. A brighter circles was also sketched inside the nose.

How to draw a cartoon rat

Good job! Time to draw more rats from this site!

Below you can see all steps required to create this character. Do you want to draw more rats? You can start by trying this original rat made from square that can easily be drawn by anyone, even beginners. You can also try a more complex version featuring a rat with a long nose.

How to draw a cartoon rat

Finally, another version featuring a rat drawn without outlines is also available. Just have fun drawing and remember to practice as often as needed. :)

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