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How to Draw A Cartoon Rainbow filled with bright colors

How To Draw A Cartoon Rainbow Filled With Bright Colors

Drawing a cute cartoon rainbow is not a very hard challenge in terms of sketching. Indeed, all you need to do is create two small clouds and then add six stripes of colors (a real rainbow is made of seven different colors, but since indigo and violet are pretty similar, mine will have only six colors).  

However, the real challenge comes from creating nice reflections or adding a genuine gradient effect to the subject. Since a rainbow is made of very small drops of water and sunlight, it's not a tangible object that you can hold in your hand. Therefore, it should also look like an organic and shiny object floating into the atmosphere.

So grab a pencil and get ready to draw a colorful rainbow in just five easy steps. :)

drawing a few stripes using perfect curved lines

First, let's draw the rainbow itself using a few curved lines. These lines can be perfect since we are creating a cartoon version. In real life, lines are blurry and edges are hard to see, but the shapes are still very regular and predictable.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rainbow Filled With Bright Colors

adding simple shadows near both ends

Now that the rainbow is created, let's draw two clouds on the bottom of the illustration. Each cloud is created from several curved lines. Adding clouds will serve two purposes. One, this illustration will be visually more appealing. Two, it will be easier to deal with both ends of the rainbow by adding them under the clouds.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rainbow Filled With Bright Colors

it's time to add bright colors

Now that this illustration is completely drawn, we can add bright colors as shown below. The order in which the colors are displayed is important. Make sure you are not inverting a few of them. You can also use a light blue color on the background to create a more colorful picture. The outlines of both clouds are also filled with a dark blue color.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rainbow Filled With Bright Colors

adding gradients inside all shapes

You can use gradients to create more depth and volume inside the cartoon rainbow. This is an easy technique if you are using a vector application. Of course, this effect can also be done manually if you are working with pencils, markers of paint.

As you can see below, all stripes are darker near the bottom and brighter on top. Inside the sky, you can also see a lighter stripe near the middle. Both the top and the bottom of the drawing are slightly darker.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rainbow Filled With Bright Colors

creating simple effects to complete this cartoon rainbow

A nice reflection is added on the left side of the rainbow. Notice how this one is brighter compared to the right side. Darker areas were also created on the bottom of both clouds. Finally, a subtle halo was added around the rainbow.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rainbow Filled With Bright Colors

Great work! This cartoon rainbow looks amazing. You can see all steps needed to illustrate our subject grouped into a single image below. Don't hesitate to sketch more versions using various effects or backgrounds. Drawing a rainbow behind a nice landscape is always a good alternative.

Creating Simple Effects To Complete This Cartoon Rainbow

Now that we are done drawing a cute cartoon rainbow, don't hesitate to try more lessons featuring cool places related to nature below. Why not incorporate a rainbow in one of them? That could be a great idea! Have fun drawing and remember to practice often. That's the key to success. :)

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