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How to Draw A Cartoon Raccoon made from squares

How To Draw A Cartoon Raccoon Made From Squares

Drawing a cartoon raccoon using rectangles, squares and triangles might not feel intuitive at first. After all, animals are usually not drawn with sharp lines and edges. Still, it can be a good exercise to illustrate an animal using rough shapes. It's also much easier to achieve!

Raccoons are amazing animals to create. This fun creature is often depicted as a thief since it is wearing a mask (well, a pattern that looks like one). Gifted with tiny ears and a long tail filled with stripes, creating a recognizable raccoon is usually pretty easy.

Let's see how we can illustrate this adorable creature quickly and easily using the basic step-by-step lesson below. :)

let's start by working on the head and the body

We can start this lesson by sketching a long and thin rectangle that will be used to form the body and the head. It's a common practice when dealing with cartoon characters to use a single shape to draw both body parts. In this case, it's important to use a narrow shape.

How To Draw A Cartoon Raccoon

sketching the legs of the cartoon raccoon

Near the bottom of the main shape, you can draw the font legs using small squares. The back legs are represented by larger rectangles. Once all four legs are created, you can also sketch a patch on the chest of the cartoon raccoon. Great! This lesson is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Cartoon Raccoon

adding a long tail behind the subject

You can use another long and thin rectangle to form the tail of the creature. This new element is created behind the character. Small stripes using thinner lines can be drawn inside the new body part.

How To Draw A Cartoon Raccoon

working around and inside the head

On both sides of the head, you can add tiny squares that will be used to illustrate the ears. For the nose, a simple square is created in the middle of the head (just above the patch that we added on the chest earlier in the lesson). You can also sketch two thin lines on top of the head to form the black patch.

How To Draw A Cartoon Raccoon

sketching a few simple details

Next, you can draw eyes inside the patch using small dots. On both sides of the head (aligned with the nose), sketch small triangles to represent fur. Finally, complete this step by drawing small pointed lines inside all four legs.

How To Draw A Cartoon Raccoon

adding colors using simple gradients

Now that our subject is drawn, you can add colors using gradients. You can also use plain colors if you don't have access to a vector application. This technique allows you to create darker areas inside the image to give a 3D look to your work. The final illustration is available below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Raccoon

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute cartoon raccoon. You can use tips learned in this tutorial to create more fun animals using squares and rectangles. If you prefer to work with more conventional cartoon illustrations, then you can try more cute raccoons from this site below. Enjoy and don't forget to practice on a daily basis! :)

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