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How to Draw A Cartoon Rabbit with a unique design

How To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit With A Unique Design

Learning how to draw a rabbit with a unique design can be a fun challenge if you want to try something new. Instead of using long curved lines and circles (which is the usual approach), you will learn to create an original character mostly made from rectangles, triangles and squares. In just six easy steps, you will learn how to assemble these shapes to create the image seen below.

Rabbits are relatively easy to illustrate. Indeed, simply sketch a basic animal with long ears and large teeth to achieve your goal. Adding a patch on the chest and a fun pink nose can also help create a recognizable version of this animal. Ready? Let's see how we can draw this fun creature using all simple steps below.

drawing a single shape to form the body

First, you can draw a simple rectangle to form the body. This shape will also be used to create the head of the animal. This rectangle must be place vertically. Make sure this new shape is large enough to include fun details like the eyes, the nose and the mouth of the rabbit. These elements will be added later in the tutorial.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit

working on the back legs

On both sides of the subject, you can sketch thin rectangles to represent the back legs. These new shapes must be long and located near the bottom of the subject. Inside the body (and also near the bottom), you can draw another rectangle that will be used to illustrate the patch found on the chest.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit

using large triangles to form the ears

On top of the body, you can sketch large triangles to form the ears of the cartoon rabbit. These shapes must be pointed and long. Near the bottom of the body (and in front of the patch), you can add both front legs using small squares. Both new shapes can be side-by-side as shown below.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit

sketching a lovely facial expression

So far, this lesson on how to draw a rabbit was mainly achieved using squares, rectangles and triangles. No circles were used. For the eyes of the subject, you can draw two small dots. These new shapes can be colored in black.

Below the eyes, draw a large nose made from a sharp triangle. Once you are done with the nose, create the mouth with a few simple broken lines. Of course, you can try to sketch a lovely smile. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit

adding a few more details to complete this cartoon rabbit

Below the mouth, you can draw two teeth using small squares. Both shapes can touch each other. Make sure that the teeth are visible otherwise our rabbit won't be recognizable. Inside all four paws, you can add short lines as shown in the illustration below. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a rabbit is almost completed.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit

It's time to add colors and bring this rabbit to life!

A nice illustration absolutely needs colors! For this character, I have selected a subtle beige color. The nose is pink and both teeth are white. You can make the patch brighter. Also, gradients were used to create more depth and volume inside the subject.

How To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit

Nice work! I hope you had fun learning to draw this adorable cartoon rabbit. Don't hesitate to try more versions using various postures, textures and shapes. If you prefer a more conventional approach, then you can also try more fun rabbits from this site below. Enjoy these additional resources and don't forget to practice often. :)

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