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How to Draw A Cartoon Queen with a nice dress

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen With A Nice Dress

Drawing a cute cartoon queen can easily be done using only a few basic shapes. In this intermediate drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a queen wearing a simple dress and a yellow crown. This character is a little bit tricky to draw. A queen is not just an old lady with a ceremonial dress. You need to depict the wisdom and the intelligence of your character using only a few lines!

A queen needs to be calm, polite and follow all the rules that this role is demanding. To accomplish this task properly, you need to draw a character with a facial expression that is neutral and create an outfit that looks prestigious without feeling too grotesque. You need to find the right balance between prestige and elegance.

Ready? Let's see how we can sketch the perfect version of this character using the lesson below ...

Let's start by adding basic shapes

First, you can draw a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to draw the subject. It's now time to polish the proportions and work on the posture. Let's start by adding the head using a large oval shape. The neck is made from a small cylinder.

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

drawing a few more shapes to create the body

Below the neck, sketch a large rectangle to illustrate the body. Both arms are made from thin rectangles. Like I said in the previous step, study and create a nice posture and accurate proportions now.

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

Working on the lower part of the body

Near the head on both arms, you can also draw a small oval shape to represent the hands. Once you are done, you can draw an irregular shape to illustrate the bottom part of the outfit. Great work! We have enough shapes to draw our cartoon queen using long curved lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

polishing the silhouette of the cartoon queen

Using mostly long curved lines, you can draw the body, the arms and the hands of the subject. Don't forget to draw a few fingers as shown in the image below. Once these new lines are drawn, you can erase all basic shapes created earlier.

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

adding hair and some details to the dress

On top of the head of the queen, you can draw some hair using several small curved lines. Queens often have a subtle and simple haircut. You can draw a few small lines on the forehead too.

Inside the dress, you can sketch two long vertical stripes. These new elements are created on both sides of the neck. More stripes can be added on the wrist of the character. Great! This lesson is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

drawing a facial expression and a crown

Inside the head, you can draw both eyes using oval shapes. Pupils are made from small dots. The nose and the mouth are made from short curved lines. For the crown, you can use several small lines.

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

working with plain colors

You can now add colors inside the cartoon queen to bring this illustration to life. The crown is yellow, the hair is gray and the dress is red. All stripes found on the dress can be white. The portion of the dress located below the neck is filled with a dark gray color.

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

adding gradients to complete this lesson

If you want to create more depth inside the illustration, you can also use gradients. As you can see below, the bottom part of the crown is now darker. You can observe the same thing on all shapes and body parts.

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute cartoon queen. You can see all steps required to illustrate this fun character below. Don't hesitate to use this image as a reference if you need to.

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

Don't hesitate to modify the dress of this character to add a little bit of your personality into your artwork. You can also try various postures, colors, patterns and haircuts. More cute female characters can also be drawn below. Enjoy and remember to practice as often as possible. :)

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