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How to Draw A Cartoon Puppy made from rectangles

How To Draw A Cartoon Puppy Made From Rectangles

Learning to draw a cartoon puppy that looks cute using rectangles seem impossible? That's the thing we will try to accomplish in this simple step-by-step lesson. It's also important to know the difference between a puppy and a dog in terms of proportions and the size of all body parts.

For instance, the head of a puppy might be larger than the body compared to a dog. Younger animals also have longer ears, a tiny nose and small legs. These are all crucial details that we need to get right. Ready? Let's see how we can illustrate this fun puppy in just a few steps now. :)

Building the animal one shape at a time

Great! We are now ready to construct this fun puppy starting with a large rectangle. This one will be used to form the body and the head of the subject. Indeed, these are not separated for this particular character. Next, you can draw the back legs on both sides of the body. These are made from long thin rectangles that are aligned with the bottom of the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Puppy

Adding the most important part : the ears

Yes, the ears are the most important part to help you differentiate a dog from a puppy. In this case, you need to sketch long pointed ears using perfect triangles. Once again, these ears are perfectly aligned with the top of the head.

How To Draw A Cartoon Puppy

creating more body parts with smaller shapes

The nose of the cartoon puppy can be done using a small rectangle. This one is located in the upper part of the main rectangle. Near the bottom of this one, you can sketch two squares to represent the front legs. These shapes can be lower than the main rectangle (unlike the back legs).

How To Draw A Cartoon Puppy

building a face that looks cute

Both eyes are made from small circular shapes. For this character, I thought it was better to place both circles close to each other. Below the nose, you can draw the mouth using a short curved line. The mouth and the nose are connected by a small line.

How To Draw A Cartoon Puppy

sketching a few simple lines inside the legs

You can complete this part of the tutorial by adding a few simple lines inside the legs of the animal. Don't forget to use small lines made with pointed ends. You can place them near the bottom of the legs. Nice! We are done drawing the subject. Only one last step is remaining.

How To Draw A Cartoon Puppy

adding colors to complete this adorable cartoon puppy

It's time to bring this fun character to life! You can do so by adding colors using gradients. For this lesson, I have selected a simple brown color. Notice how gradients are adding depth inside this illustration. Indeed, the bottom of the character is now darker than the top. A dark brown color is needed for the nose and the eyes can be black.

How To Draw A Cartoon Puppy

I hope you had fun working with this adorable puppy. Don't hesitate to try more cute cartoon dogs below and don't forget to practice often. That's the key to success. Have fun! :)

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