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How to Draw A Cartoon Prisoner that doesn't look happy

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner That Doesn't Look Happy

No doubt that this cartoon prisoner is not having the greatest day of his life! This tough and mean character was just arrested for (insert the mobile and the crime here!) and he is now very mad at himself. To draw this cute cartoon character (well, maybe not "cute"), you need to be able to sketch hard shapes like squares, rectangles or triangles and avoid nice little curves or cute oval shapes! 

Of course, today, real prisoners are not wearing uniform colored in white and black stripes, but it's still nice to see a good old cartoon character created from old concept like this one. So let's see how we can create a fun character like this one in just a few basic steps.

Creating a template using basic shapes

Excellent! The first thing we can do is create a simple template using basic shapes. This template is useful to locate the subject in the work space and figure out what the posture is. It's easier to erase and draw a few rectangles than drawing the whole character over again if the position is not right.

You can start by adding an oval shape to represent the head. Ears are made from thin rectangles. For the body, you can use a large square.

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner

Next, draw another large rectangle to form the legs of the character. The feet are made from thinner rectangles. Notice that the posture is already taking form. Shoulders are up and the head is down. The character is probably a little bent towards the front.

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner

This is a prisoner, so it can be a good idea to sketch handcuffs. As you can see below, the handcuffs are made from large rectangles while the hands are made from short circles. Both hands are close to each other and are located in front of the cartoon prisoner.

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner

Polishing the illustration using curved lines

Now that the template is done, it's time to use this one to polish the cartoon character. You can use a wide variety of short and curved lines to achieve your goal. Notice how the shape of the head is now irregular.

The top is made from shaky lines and the jaw is large and made from a few small bumps. We can also see a few basic fingers below the handcuffs. Shoulders are up and made from rough lines. Shoes are created using large oval shapes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner

Inside the head, you can draw eyes using more short lines. Of course, the character is not happy so make sure the shapes of both eyes are drawn accordingly. Handcuffs are joined by a solid chain made from small circles. A few lines are also drawn to separate the arms and the legs from the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner

More small details are needed inside this cartoon prisoner to complete the illustration. First, you can sketch pupils using dots. The nose, the mouth and the eyebrows are made from thick curved lines. Simple stripes are added inside the shirt. Nice work! We are almost done with this angry character.

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner

adding colors and effects inside the cartoon prisoner

It's time to bring this character to life. Simply add plain colors inside the prisoner. Most of the clothes are filled with black and gray colors. Stripes on the shirt can be white. For the shoes, a nice saturated brown color can be used. Handcuffs can be brighter while pants are darker.

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner

One last thing we can do to create more depth inside the image is to add gradients. For instance, notice inside the illustration below how the pants are darker near the bottom, but brighter on top. The same technique is used on most parts like the head, hands and shoes. Great work! This fun character is now completed!

How To Draw A Cartoon Prisoner

I hope you will enjoy drawing this bandit and don't forget to practice and practice again if you want to improve your skills. More cool lessons can be found below. Enjoy! :)

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