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How to Draw A Cartoon Pot filled with hot liquid

How To Draw A Cartoon Pot Filled With Hot Liquid

Learning how to draw a cartoon pot can be useful if you like stories featuring magicians or ancient civilizations. It might not be the most glamorous object to illustrate, but if you need to sketch one, then you need to make it right. In this lesson, I will show you how to create the perfect version using simple shapes and fun effects.

Indeed, sketching the object itself is an easy task. The pot is mostly made from a large circle and a few simple parts. However, adding some realistic effects can be more challenging. Since a pot is usually made from metal, then you need to make this one bright and shiny. Adding a little bit of smoke is also a good idea. Ready? Let's see how we can draw this object now ...

drawing a large circle to form the main shape

You can start this lesson by adding a large circle to form the main shape of the object. Don't forget to leave some space above and under the circle. More elements will be added in these areas throughout the tutorial.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pot

adding another oval shape to create the opening

On top of the main shape, you can sketch an oval to represent the opening. This new element can be slightly narrower than the main shape. However, this shape must also be slightly larger than the top of the main circle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pot

finalizing the top

Another small oval shape can be drawn inside the main one to finalize the opening of the cartoon pot. Now that the main part of the object is completed, we need to add a few simple details to reach our goal.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pot

drawing legs to support the object

Under the pot, you can draw two short legs using triangular shapes. Four legs are probably needed to keep the pot stable, but two of them are not visible from this angle. Great! We are almost done illustrating this unusual object from the past.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pot

Polishing the top of the cartoon pot

The opening of the cartoon pot is not quite finished. Indeed, the basic shapes used to illustrate this part of the object are created, but we need to polish this area to make this one more credible.

To do so, we need to erase the line that creates the junction between the pot and its opening. We can replace the long thick line with a shorter one. I like to use lines with pointed ends to complete this effect.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pot

adding colors and gradients to complete this lesson

The object can be filled with a subtle gray color. If you have access to a vector application, then adding gradients to create depth and volume is also a good idea. Of course, this basic effect can also be added if you are using other tools to draw. You can complete this lesson with the addition of smoke on top of the pot. Great work! This is the final version once all steps are done.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pot

If you need more assistance to illustrate this beautiful pot, then you can use the image below. This one contains all steps needed to draw this object properly.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pot Filled With Hot Liquid

Now that this lesson on how to draw a pot is completed, feel free to try more adorable lessons from this site below. Working with food is a good idea after sketching a nice pot like this one. If you prefer to work with objects, then you can find some here. Have fun and don't forget to practice often. :)

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