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how to draw a cartoon police car that looks great

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

Drawing a cartoon police car is definitely a challenging task. Creating realistic parts using mostly basic shapes and lines can be overwhelming. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a vehicle that looks cool without adding too much details or digital effects. My goal was to find the right balance between the difficulty level and how realistic the result should be. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now.

Working on the body of the car

First, we need to draw the main shape of the vehicle using mostly simple curved lines. Then, you can draw all three visible wheels using long oval shapes. Finally, you can work on the windows using once again a mix of curved lines. Excellent! The biggest step is the next one! :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

adding essential parts on the cartoon police car

First, you can draw the lights on top of the vehicles using long rectangular shapes. Both mirrors are added using rectangles with soft corners. On the side, you can draw two lines to form the door (which happens to be a different color too).

Simple patterns are drawn in front of the car. Don't forget to draw the lights. Inside both wheels on the right side, you can sketch a second oval shape. Another simple shape is added below the vehicle.

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

More details to increase the level of realism

In front of the cartoon police car, you can draw a huge bumper made from large rectangles. Two subtle lines are drawn on the hood. Small triangles are sketch inside the wheels. Finally, the door is decorated with the word "Police" and a handle is added.

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

adding bright plain colors

It's time to add beautiful colors to our creation. First, make the whole object dark grey. The lights on top can be blue and red. The fronts lights are white, just like the door. Complete this step by adding a bright blue color inside the windows.

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

gradient fills to create more depth

Gradient fills are an easy addition to implement if you want to create depth and volume quickly and easily. As you can see below the bottom of the vehicle is darker while the top is brighter. You can observe the same thing inside the windows, the door, the wheels and the bumper.

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

simple shadows to create even more volume

I could easily add tons of shadows inside this illustration to make this one visually stunning. However, I prefer to opt for simplicity. For this step, simply add shadows below the mirror, the handle and on both visible wheels. All new shapes can be black and partially transparent.

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

highlights to create the final touch

Inside all windows as well as inside the lights found on top of the car, you can draw new white shapes. Then, apply some transparency to create some reflection. As you can see below, notice how all new shapes are smaller than the parts they are covering.

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

good job drawing this cool police vehicle!

Below you can see the result once all shapes, colors and effects are added. I hope you had fun working on this vehicle and don't hesitate to try your own version. You can easily select another model, try different colors or simply add more digital effects to your creation. Of course, you can also try something simpler if you prefer.

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

You can see a nice resume of this lesson below. All steps are available inside a single illustration to help you see how to draw this vehicle quickly and easily. 

How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

Now that we are done with this police car, feel free to try more vehicles from the same series here. A few of these lessons can also be seen below. Have fun drawing and remember to practice on a daily basis. It's the key to becoming a better artist. :)

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