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How to Draw A Cartoon Plate using simple oval shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Plate

Drawing a cartoon plate might seem like an easy thing to do. Indeed, just draw an oval shape and you are done, right? Well ... if you want to add more realism to your illustration, then it can be a good idea to try this simple step-by-step lesson. I will help you draw a basic plate that looks cool in just five steps.

I will not use complex digital effects for this tutorial. We will only need to sketch a few plain shapes, add some colors and create depth using simple tips. Ready? Let's start this simple lesson now.

drawing the main shape of the object

First, draw an oval shape like shown below. Try to sketch a perfect shape using all your drawing abilities. This oval needs to be flat since our plate will be displayed using a basic perspective.

How To Draw A Cartoon Plate

adding a second oval shape

Once you are done with the original shape, you can draw a second oval inside the first one. Notice that this new shape is closer to the first one on top. You should leave more space between the two shapes on bottom. The reason is simple. The perspective of your drawing will look more accurate that way. Great! This cartoon plate is starting to look cool.

How To Draw A Cartoon Plate

sketching two more shapes inside the cartoon plate

A simple technique we can use to create more volume inside the object is through the addition of gray areas. All shapes drawn in this step will be used to form basic shadows.

First, draw a small oval shape in the middle of the illustration. This new element should be slightly lower compared to the center of the object. Next, draw another shape on top. Only the top part of this second shape is visible. The bottom is hidden by the bottom part of the plate.

How To Draw A Cartoon Plate

drawing one last shape below the plate

Finally, add a small curve under the plate to give it some depth. We now have a nice object made only from a few curved lines and oval shapes. The plate looks great, but it can be better once colors are added to the illustration.

How To Draw A Cartoon Plate

using mostly gray colors

For this tutorial, I will mostly use gray colors to represent this simple object. First, add a light gray color inside the small oval shape found near the middle of the subject. The same color is used for the border above. Finally, a dark gray color is used below the plate. Nice work! The final image can be seen below. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Plate
How To Draw A Cartoon Plate

I hope you had fun drawing and sketching this amazing cartoon plate. However, this one feels a little empty right now. It could be a good idea to draw some food in it. You can either try one of the lesson located below or simply go directly to the food section of this site for more ideas. Enjoy this lesson and ... bon appétit!

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