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how to draw a cartoon pirate with a lovely hook

How to draw a cartoon pirate

Learn how to illustrate a cartoon pirate using a few basic shapes and plain colors. Indeed, I will show you how to come up with a cute character like the one found below using mostly squares, circles, straight lines and basic colors. Anyone can achieve this lesson simply by following all four easy steps using the written version of this tutorial or while watching the short video found on this page. Ready? Let's see how we can draw a cool pirate in minutes ...

A simple video to begin with

Would you like to see how this character was drawn using a tablet and a vector software? Cool! Simply watch the basic video below to visualize all steps clearly and effectively. If you need more help once you are done, simply scroll down to learn more in the written lesson located below the video.

drawing a beautiful cartoon pirate quickly and easily

First, we need to sketch a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used as a guideline. The hat, the head, the body and the legs are all represented by large rectangles. The belt is done using smaller ones. Sketch a few circles to form the skull on the hat, the eye patch, the ears, the hook and the left eye. A few more lines are needed to separate the beard from the head and to create both arms.

How to draw a cartoon pirate

Excellent! Now that all shapes are created, let's draw this adorable cartoon pirate. You can start by sketching the head and the hat using short straight lines. Use the same technique to illustrate the body, the arms and the legs. You can add some details inside the shirt and on the hat of the character.

How to draw a cartoon pirate

When you are done, you can erase all gray lines drawn earlier. So far, we have a pretty interesting cartoon character mostly made from straight and curved lines. One last step is needed to make this image even more appealing: adding colors!

How to draw a cartoon pirate

Pirates are often filled with a mix of brown colors, some black areas and a touch of gray colors. For this example, solid plain colors were used to fill in all parts of the character. See how you don't need to play with transparency of gradients to obtain a fun illustration?

How to draw a cartoon pirate

Nice work! Time to draw more characters like this one!

Below you can see all steps required to create a lovable pirate like this one. Now that you are more familiar with the creation process behind this character, why not draw more versions using different shapes, colors and postures?

How to draw a cartoon pirate

Simply be creative and image fun situations your character could be involved in. Just practice as often as possible and have fun! :)

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