how to draw a cartoon pinocchio

In this lesson, you will learn to draw a cartoon Pinocchio based on the famous cartoon character from the 1883 children's novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio". I will show you how to create this wooden puppet (or is it a real boy?) using simple lines, shapes and colors. I'm not going to lie to you (otherwise my nose might grow), this lesson can be slightly challenging. Some effects are harder to create for beginners, but it's still quite feasible. So Let's do like Geppetto did back in the old days and let's draw a fun version of this popular character!

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

using shapes to draw pinocchio

First, you can draw a few basic shapes inside your work space to illustrate the posture and the proportions of our character. The hat is made from two different rectangles. The head is drawn using a large circle. The body, the arms and the legs are done using small rectangles. Finally, you can draw the gloves and the shoes using circles.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

Using the shapes created previously, it's now time to draw Pinocchio using short curved lines. The posture might feel a little bit weird right now, but remember that ropes will be added later in the tutorial. Our character is wearing a shirt and some shorts. Once you are done with the step, you can erase all gray shapes created in the first step. We don't need those anymore.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

Inside the head, you can sketch the eyes and the pupils using perfect circles. The nose is made from long straight lines. A short curved line is used to form the mouth. Ears are done using more short lines. Don't forget to draw some hair and the remaining fingers from both gloves. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw Pinocchio is progressing well!

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

It's now time to draw a few ropes to hold the character into its actual posture. These ropes are added near the wrists and on top of the head. You can also draw ropes near the legs if you want to. I did not add them to make this lesson easier to read. Finally, complete this step with the addition of a bow and a long straight line on the shirt.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

Good job! It's now time to add colors to this cartoon Pinocchio. For this version, I have selected warm colors like red, orange and brown. The gloves are gray while the ropes are blue. I also used gradients to give more depth to the character. For example, notice how the bottom of the hat is darker than the top. The same technique is used on all shapes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

creating basic textures

Since our goal is to create a character made from wood, it's important to create basic textures on exposed areas. Basically, all skin is replaced with wood. Since this is a cartoon version of Pinocchio, let's use a very basic technique. On the right side of the head, you can draw a few shorts lines colored in brown (shown using a temporary blue color below). You can also draw more short lines on the arms and the legs of our subject.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

adding beautiful shadows

This step is a very important one. Inside the character, we will draw a few basic shadows made from new shapes that are filled with a darker color. If you are drawing a shadow inside the red hat, then simply use a very dark red color. Still important is the fact that all new additions must be partially transparent. For example, notice how the shadow located on the shirt is darker near the bottom, but almost invisible near the top.

You can draw these new elements inside the hat, below the hat, under the nose and around the eyes. More shadows are created on the bottom of the ropes, inside the shirt and near the bottom of the shorts. All new additions are shown below (featured with a temporary blue outline).

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

drawing bright highlights and reflections

Since our cartoon Pinocchio is made from wood, this character doesn't offer reflective surfaces. Still, it can be a good idea to draw a few highlights to create more depth inside our work. These new shapes must be colored in white. Just like shadows, they are also partially hidden (mostly near the bottom). You can add reflections inside the hat, on the nose, the shirt, the shorts and the shoes.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

Nice work drawing this cute cartoon Pinocchio!

Et voilà! This cute cartoon Pinocchio is now completed. The ropes, the wooden textures as well as the long nose are more than enough to make this puppet easily recognizable. Of course, you can draw more versions of this popular character using different patterns, colors and shapes. Just make sure you are drawing a nice cartoon puppet ... unless you want to make Pinocchio happy and draw a real boy!

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

Below, you can see all nine steps required to learn how to draw Pinocchio grouped inside a single illustration. If you had fun learning how to draw this popular character, then you can try more famous lessons from the same series here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible. :)

How To Draw A Cartoon Pinocchio

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