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How to Draw A Cartoon Pig using rectangular shapes

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

Sketching a cartoon pig can easily be done using nice circles and curved lines. But how about using rectangles, triangles and squares? Could we end up with an adorable version of this animal using sharper shapes? Of course we can! This lesson is all about using this unique technique.

Another fun thing about using rectangles and squares is the fact that it can be easier to achieve your goal. Just assemble a few blocks together and you are done! It's also a good way to help you unleash your creativity and come up with something new. Indeed, you can use this technique on tons of other characters.

Ready? Let's start this lesson with the first step now ...

drawing a large rectangle to form the body

First, you can sketch a large rectangle to illustrate the body of the pig. Place you shape horizontally and make sure this one is large enough. Don't forget to leave some room below the body so that we can add more body parts later in this lesson.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

sketching a large nose

On the left side of the body (and inside this one), you can add a medium rectangle to represent the nose. Vertically, this new shape is perfectly centered with the body. Once again, make sure to leave some room above the nose so that we can add the eyes later in this tutorial.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

adding four large legs

Add four thick squares on the bottom of the body to form the legs. As you can see below, the legs visible on the front of the image are slightly lower. This simple technique can create a simple perspective. The leg on the far right is also perfectly aligned with the right side of the body. On the left side, a little bit of space is needed between the leg and the body.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

drawing ears using tiny triangles

On top of the character, you can sketch tiny triangles to form the ears of the animal. The one on the left is located outside the body. The right ear can be drawn inside the main shape. Both shapes are perfectly aligned with the top of the cartoon pig.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

adding a few features to complete our cartoon pig

Inside the nose, you can draw two vertical lines. These lines must be short and sketched using pointed ends. For the eyes, you can use small dots. These shapes are filled with a black color.

On the left side of the body (and outside this one), you can add a small curly tail. This part of the body is made from a single line that is sharp and pointed near the end.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

Colors are needed to create an appealing image

Yes, it's always a good idea to add colors inside a cartoon character to make this one visually more appealing. For this lesson, pink colors are needed. The color used inside the nose can be more saturated. The legs on the far side as well as the ears can be slightly darker.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

We are done sketching and drawing this unique cartoon animal. If you need more assistance with this lesson, then you can take a look at the image below. This one contains all step to draw this pig accurately. Don't hesitate to try more postures, more versions or include more original shapes to your work.

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

Good job! Now that this cute pig is completed, you are invited to try more cute animals from this site below. Have fun sketching and just practice on a daily basis if you want to improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. :)

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